Suffering Episode 1

by Logan Grimes


By Logan Grimes

     My name is Logan Grimes, and the date was August 26, 2016. In the morning I was getting ready for work. I didn't have a big breakfast. All I had was two peices of toast and coffee. I lived about an hour from my job. I worked at a gamestop in Ottumwa.

     I grabbed my car keys, and got in my car. I backed out of the driveway and left Centerville. While driving through the country side I turned on the radio. I really didn't have any perferred station as long as the music was good.

     On my free time I would write stories, but lately I didn't know what to write about. As I continued down the road I arrived at the highway. There was cars lined up on the highway as far as my eyes can see and further. So I stopped and waited. After a minute or so of the traffic not moving, and the constant honking. I got out of my car. I moved next to the car in front of me. I knocked the window.

     "What?" the driver asked.

     "Do you know what the traffic is about?" I asked.

     "Well, someone dumped a bunch of chemicals in the river, and the waters rose. So the shit is all over the bridge ahead."

     "How long is the tarffic?"

     "A mile or so."

     "A mile?! Thanks for the info." I said before going back to my car.

     I didn't have time to wait for the traffic to move. I had to get to work. Once in my car I backed up, and turned around. I went looking for a backway to Ottumwa. I came a cross a dirt road that went in the direction to Ottumwa. The road went into thick woods. I've been in the woods before, but these woods gave a chill up my spine. I pulled out my cell phone and I got no signal. I only graduated high school a few months ago, and really wanted to keep my job.

     I started driving faster than I feel comfortable. The music from the radio helped calm my nerves. Then as I drove further down into the woods the radio started to gain static. I went to changed the station, and my car came across a curve. I quickly grabbed the steering wheel and turned.

     "Damn," I said aloud. I took a deep breath.

     I went to turn off the radio. I took my eyes off the road for only a second, and I crashed into the back of stationwagon. I bashed my head into the steering wheel.

     "Hello? Hey are you okay?" a voice asked me.

     I awoke in a dazed. I grabbed my in response to the head ache I had. I took my hand away to reveal that my was bleeding. I turned and saw a man with short curly hair, in a yellow shirt, and cargo shorts. He looked like he was in his mid twenties.

     "Dude you okay?" he asked.

     "Yeah, you?" I asked.

     "Yeah were all fine, but are car is fucked."

     "Oh man I'm sorry, but why were you parked in the middle of the road?"

     Then a man in a suit an sunglasses walks up to me ,and punches me. "What the hells is you problem?!" He demanded. His girlfriend and the man with the yellow shirt held him back.

      "Like I said you guys were parked in the middle of the road." I said while getting back up.

      "Someone left barbwire in the road, and we ran over it." the girl said.

      The two people let go of the suit. "I can't believe someone would leave it in the road!" he yelled.

      "Listen, the accented is also my fault. I'll help pay for the damage." I said.

      "You are damn right you will!" the suit yelled.

      "Sweetheart stop yelling at the man." the woman said.

      Then the suit and the girl started kissing.

      "Unbeleivable," the other man said. "Listen man my name is Tim, and the couple is Jack and Carley."

      "I'm Logan," I said.

      Then another woman came around from the stationwagon carrying a peice barbwire. "Oh yeah she is my sister Jessie." Tim explained.

       "Who's this?" she asked.

       "His name is Logan."Tim said.

       "Any last name?"

       "I'm Logan Grimes." I explained.

       "Cool, me, Jessie, and Carley are the Robinsons. We are going to D.C." Tim said.

       "Is that the barbwire from the street?" I asked.

       "No," she said.

       "No?" Tim wondered.

       "Yeah, this part was connected to a tree, and the barbwire we hit. Someone did this on purpose."

                                               TO BE CONTINUED..........

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