Dress Up

by Jessica

I think you need to leave

since all you are is make believe

your "problems" that you have aren't there

sorry to tell you this babe but your a lie

if you have "problems" they are exaggerated

so much that they aren't the truth any longer

The hypocrisy that you hold is absurd

only if you could look through a glass

take a step back

watch yourself

you are unbearable

the way you bash your "friends"

and then hug them

why don't you remove the knife from their back first

so you can use it later when they walk away

have you used this same knife on me

i want to hear all the smack you talk about me

well sorry to break it to you but

this act that you put on is over

I'm taking your stage

I'm pulling off your costume

soon to reveal the real you

the one who isn't this emotional person they bestow to others

the one who is real

you try too hard

to hard to portray and image that is so far from the truth

you look like a person in a clown suit

so full of oversized clothes that don't fit you

cuz they aren't you

so full of makeup

make up to cover up everything

everything that is make believe

tell me what is true and what isn't

the lie that you have told that aren't true

do you even know what is true anymore


i don't think you do

that's what's sad

you are sad

does this sound familiar

it should

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