Lost Faiths...

by Yogini Patil

Lost hopes, lost dreams

Lost all the loved ones

Sitting by the grave...

No prayer on lips

And a dead flower in hand...



Cracked mud beneath the feet

Bloodied cloths, torn shoes

Dried tears on scarred cheeks

Starved body, empty eyes

Staring into nothingness...



Brutal yesterday, cruel today

Snatched away the happiness

Once was safe in mother's arms

Sitting by her grave today...



"Why do people fight Ma? Why do they kill?"

"Peace will come son, don't be scared"

"I fear ma, I am scared"

"Have faith my child, don't give up the hope"



Bygone is the caring voice

Familiar sounds replacing it

Sounds of guns explosions

Sounds of war everywhere

Took away a father yesterday

Deprived a baby of its mother's being

Shook a 7-year olds world today

Crashing everything on its way down...

Leaving him with nothing but lost faith!!

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