The Flying Friend

by Kunal Samadder


                                         - Kunal Samadder

It was a bright sunny Sunday. Sonu thought to write a poem about a pigeon. It came to their house and her dad Mr. Banerjee caught it for his 5 yrs old little daughter. She was very happy to see that pigeon and gave foods and drink to it. She gave a name to that pigeon. It was as white as milk in colour. So, Sonu named it Whitee'. Whitee was looking so nice and Sonu spent most of her time for Whitee observing it thoroughly with her kidding nature. She did not tie its legs with rope but surprisingly, Whitee did not fly away and instead, it walked slowly here and there and looked around with its twinkling eyes. Sonu could feel the pain of Whitee that was missing her parents. Sonu could also understand that Whitee was looking for her parents while looking around with her blinking eyes. Sonu realised how she would feel if separated from her parents.

She patted it gently and took it lovingly into her lap as if it was her pet pigeon. Her mom told her to tame this white pigeon and her dad bought a little cage in afternoon for Whitee to live. But Sonu did not want to keep Whitee in the cage. She wanted it to fly in the sky and go back to its nest where her parents were worriedly waiting for their little girl to come back. She left Whitee with her tender hands moving up towards the sky and Whitee happily flapped her wings to soar high. Sonu fixed her eyes onto the flying Whitee until it went to a long distance from the visibility of Sonu's eyes and gradually disappeared in the white soaring clouds. She felt sad as she came back from her trance in looking Whitee, and looked around her where Whitee roamed nervously with her tiny legs. Sonu went to her study room and took out a note book to write something about her lovely Whitee. She thought for a while and then wrote:

Whitee, Whitee, lovely Whitee,

Why came to me,

Looking for a friend?

That I wanted to be!

Whitee, Whitee, lovely Whitee,

You looked so nice,

And I thought twice,

To give you some fries,

But you ate only fried rice!

When Sonu just finished the last line of her poem, her mom entered to her room. She was very happy to see that her little baby had already written a rhyme of nine lines. She then praised Sonu and told her that Whitee must come back to her once again. Sonu then was happy to hear those sweet words. She then did her homework and had dinner with her parents. Her dad also told that Whitee must come back to see her new true friend. Sonu then happily went to sleep.

The next morning, Sonu was eagerly waiting for Whitee in their garden. But Whitee was not coming. She rushed to her mom again and again asking her whether Whitee would come or not. Her mom assured her repeatedly that Whitee must come. But Sonu became very impatient. She was walking in and around the garden and looked at the sky again and again. At last, she found a tiny white pigeon was slowly coming down from the sky. She started shouting joyously and greeting her lovely Whitee. It was then quite visible as white Whitee coming nearer towards her true friend and Sonu started jumping friskily.

Suddenly, it was an evil, giant eagle that flew down rapidly and caught Whitee in its sharp mouth and went back into the sky. Whitee flapped hard her wings and tried to free herself but failed. The giant eagle snatched Sonu's lovely Whitee. Sonu cried loudly and more loudly as the eagle soared high and higher in the sky. Sonu ran across the garden and shouted at the eagle requesting it to leave her little Whitee, her nice friend. But the eagle did not listen to Sonu. She was crying, and the tears rolled down her reddish cheek. Then she heard that her mom was calling her. She then opened her eyes and found that her mom was looking at her smilingly and telling something. She looked around and understood that she was dreaming. She then stretched up her hands and jumped into her mom's lap. Then her mom told that her Whitee was toddling and waiting for her true friend in the garden. Sonu then smiled and jumped down from her mom's lap. She ran towards their garden to see her flying friend Whitee.

Develop your penning power!!!

[!--[if !supportLists]--]A) [!--[endif]--]She was crying, and the tears rolled down her reddish cheek'.

[!--[if !supportLists]--]1. [!--[endif]--]Who was crying?

[!--[if !supportLists]--]2. [!--[endif]--]Why was she crying?

[!--[if !supportLists]--]3. [!--[endif]--]Was she happy later?

[!--[if !supportLists]--]B) [!--[endif]--]Whitee flapped hard her wings...'

[!--[if !supportLists]--]1. [!--[endif]--]Who was Whitee?

[!--[if !supportLists]--]2. [!--[endif]--]What happened to her?

[!--[if !supportLists]--]C) [!--[endif]--]But Sonu became very impatient'.

[!--[if !supportLists]--]1. [!--[endif]--]Who was Sonu?

[!--[if !supportLists]--]2. [!--[endif]--]Why was she impatient?

Understand Grammar Comprehension!!!

[!--[if !supportLists]--]D) [!--[endif]--]Pick out 5 Verbs from the above passage.

[!--[if !supportLists]--]E) [!--[endif]--]Pick out 2 Common Nouns and 2 Proper Nouns from the above passage.

[!--[if !supportLists]--]F) [!--[endif]--]Pick out 3 Adjectives from the above passage and make sentences with them.

[!--[if !supportLists]--]G) [!--[endif]--]Pick out 3 Adverbs from the above passage and make sentences with them.

[!--[if !supportLists]--]H) [!--[endif]--]Fill in the blanks with the words in the above passage:

[!--[if !supportLists]--]1. [!--[endif]--]She called her daughter ___________.

[!--[if !supportLists]--]2. [!--[endif]--]He thought to ________ a story for the children.

[!--[if !supportLists]--]3. [!--[endif]--]He made a big ___________ for his birds to live.

[!--[if !supportLists]--]4. [!--[endif]--]He looked at me ___________.

[!--[if !supportLists]--]5. [!--[endif]--]The birds are soaring ___________ in the sky.

[!--[if !supportLists]--]I) [!--[endif]--]Give Opposite of: crying, higher, evil, giant, spent

[!--[if !supportLists]--]J) [!--[endif]--]Make Sentence: cage, thought, wanted, bright, fly


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