Second Father

by Dhruv Parnami

It was a rainy night of October when I was hospitalised due to my last days of pregnancy I was lying on the bed suddenly it starting paining My parents sitting next to me called the doctors.

The doctors came inside my room diagonised me I was taken to "Operation Theatre" for the delivery I was moaning with pain so the Nurse unconscioused me I was into flashback 9 months before when only a month was left in my marriage with Akash as my Parents were out for shopping due to my wedding preprations and I was alone at home busy in kitchen preparing lunch.

It was noon time between nearly 2:30pm when the doorbell rang I went to open the door the two men nearly of my age were standing said to me "We want to meet Mr. Gupta" I replied "He is not at home tell me I am his daughter will convey your message to him" Then One of them said "Ok, Can he get a glass of water" I told them to wait outside. When I was going back to give him water what I see is one man is closing the door from inside other is coming near me.

I started shouting but the man quickly come holded me tightly I was saying "Please don't do this, I am getting married soon" and then the second one also came near me and they both raped me I was sobbing and I didnt know when I fall asleep and when I woke up I see myself lying nude on my bed only with a thin blanket over me. I got up wored my clothes went outside where my parents were having the lunch on dining. I sattle down on my chair started eating lunch while having luch my mother had seen bruises on my hand for which she asked me I replied that "I fell down from bed near the corner got wounded" she said "hmmmmm" but in evening mom came in my room said "why you lied to me at lunch" then I broked off told her all matter and said "I will never get married now" My mom consoled me said thay will not tell anyone about this matter.

Now when I was happily married to Akash after 2 months I got fever was examined by doctor who told that I am three months pregnant. Then Akash looked at me I broke off told him about that Incident, at home he told his parents about this and also they called my parents where they were having chat for my abortion.

On the day of abortion Doctors refused to abort me as it can result in my death, hearing this my husband his family refused to accept me my whole world was shattered My parents took care of mine till the day but my husband never tried to knew about me.

Now I got up from sleep while a nurse was standing beside me with my child gave it to me it was a warm and gentle touch of my baby so soft innocent. I kissed on his forehead said "My baby......"and heard a voice from "Not mine it's our baby" I looked up and was surprised to see my husband standing at the door with flowers in his hands, He came near me kissed on my forehead tears started flowning from my eyes...............

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