The Girl of Shawdows

by Chris K

"Hello? Who's there?" Still the room remained silent, the gloomy figure in the shadows emerged in to the dim light of the refrigerator. As Anna closed the refrigerator door the dim light turned to chilling darkness, she could no longer see the dark figure that was lurking in the darkness around her. She quickly ran toward her room upstairs, afraid that tonight was the night. As she entered her room, she hastily pulled the cover over her head, and tried to remember what her mom told her, "Think of the light, it will be over soon." Anna did just that, think of the brightest things she could think of, soon she was asleep.


When Anna awoke from her slumber, she tried to remain cheerful despite the previous night's events. As she steeped from her bed onto to the floor, she felt something wet beneath her feet. She looked down only to see blood, she quickly grabbed a towel to try to clean it up before her step-dad saw the mess. Once cleaned, she hurried down stairs to grab a bowl of cereal before heading off to school. When she got down, she noticed a slightly crumbled up piece of paper lying on the ground. She went to go pick it up, but on her way there she felt a chilling wind that felt as if it was pushing her away. Despite that, she picked it up, as she started to un-crumple the paper, her step-dad walked in, as usual he had a hangover from binge drinking the night before. "What are you doing Anna!" he shouted. "Nothing I was getting breakfast." She replied. Shortly after eating she grabbed the paper and headed to the bus stop down the block. Right as she got to the bus stop, she saw the bus driving toward the stop right on time. When she stepped onto the bus, she noticed something wasn't right, her peers' eyes were dark as the night, and their souls seemed empty. She looked toward the bus driver and was taken aback by the dis-figured form, she paused un-able to move.

"Nurse! Nurse! She's awake!" When she came-too the beaming lights were blinding her vision. "Hello Anna, do you know what happened?" "N-no" she replied quietly. "Well Anna, you seemed to have passed out on the bus, everything seems to be fine. I'll leave you alone to talk to your aunt." Anna slowly rose from the grimy hospital bed, "Auntie, I'm scared" she said in a gloomy voice. "It's okay Anna, I know what you saw, there's no reason to be afraid." Her aunt replied. "I know, Auntie, by the way, I got this note, I found it this morning." Anna neglected to tell her aunt about the previous night. "Let me see the note Anna", Anna grabbed the crumpled up note from her front pant pocket; "Here you go." She handed the note too her aunt. As her aunt was opening the note, the lights suddenly went out, and her aunt as-well as the hospital staff seemed all to be frozen; Anna walked out from her room and stumbled down the hallway, soon after she felt the same spine chilling wind from before. She suddenly and violently fell to the floor. "Help!" she wailed, no answer, "HELP!" she cried this time, nothing but the eerie silence from the darkened hallway. She tried to stand up, but with no luck, it seemed as if she was tied to the floor. Just as she tried getting up, the same dark figure from the night before emerged from the shadows of the hallway in front of her, it came closer, footsteps becoming louder, and louder. Once it was within 3 meters of Anna she panicked, unable to speak she franticly tried to get up, but with no such luck. Just as the figure was to strike her with a scythe, she remembered the bright light of the hospital lights, suddenly all was back to normal, the figure was gone, the lights were on, but one thing seemed out of place, the note was gone, vanished. "Hey Auntie" proclaimed Anna, "Where is that note I gave you?" "What note sweetie?" Anna was taken aback she could've sworn she gave it to her. "Never mind." Anna said helplessly, "It doesn't matter." "Whatever you say honey" her aunt said, still not convinced. As they left the hospital the doctor pulled Anna aside, "Anna" he said, "Remember these lights." He pointed toward the ceiling, "Her take this, it will help you forget the past." Anna took the two pills the doctor handed her. "Thank you" Anna said, very confused. When they got in the car, Anna quickly fell asleep to the sound of the smooth jazz emitting from the car's radio.

Anna woke up only to find herself in her soft, warm bed back at home. She got up and hurried downstairs hoping to talk to her step-dad, "DAD!" She yelled, no answer, she kept moving down stairs, now more cautious. "Dad!" she yelled again, still nothing but silence throughout the house, she went to the kitchen only to find another spill of blood. "Ahhhh!" she yelled frightened by the sight of the blood. She quickly ran around the house looking for her step-dad, she finally found him lying on the ground next to the couch. "Dad? Dad, are you okay?" she asked, he seemed to be dead, a huge gash in his stomach made it clear to her someone, or something killed her step-dad.

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