All Roads Lead to Her

by Stephen Smith

Kenneth sat holding his wife Rebecca in his arm underneath a large oak tree that stood on top of a cliff. The only sounds were the waves breaking over the large rocks that lay below. There was a gentle breeze that carried the aroma of sea salt as they sat watching the sun make it's decent.

The giant orange ball burned in the horizon and seemed to be suspended over the ocean.

"Not much longer now." Rebecca said looking up at Kenneth. Smiling at her, Kenneth ran his right hand through her long black hair and said, "No, not long at all."

"I miss her so much Ken. I can't wait to see her again!" She said.

"I know babe. In a few minutes the three of us will be together again, like we were never separated." Kenneth promised her.

"Do you think she'll recognize us?" Asked Rebecca.

"Of course she will, we are her parents after all." He answered chuckling.

"Well, I don't know, it's just been so long since we've seen her." She said.

"Don't worry, Emma will remember us." He assured her.

Rebecca smiled and began to gaze into his eyes. Astonished she saw something there she had not seen in a long time, a gleam. The first time she had noticed that gleam was the evening Emma was conceived.

It was under the same oak tree they sat beneath now. Naked and glistening with sweat, Kenneth rocked back and forth on top of her. Both of them moaning in ecstasy as the pressure of orgasm started to build. Rebecca's hands slid down to his waist and he felt her grip start to tighten. In that moment the pressure became too much to bear and simultaneously they both began to climax. Kenneth thrust himself as deep as he could while he released inside of her. Rebecca, jaw slacked, and eyes rolled into the back of her head, used Kenneth's wait as leverage to pump upward with her hips over and over again, intensifying both their orgasms.

When they finished he lay against Rebecca and began kissing her softly. It was in that moment she saw a gleaming in his eyes. Smiling at him she asked, "What are you thinking about?"

"How much I love you and couldn't be happier." Kenneth answered.

"I know, I can see it in your eyes." Rebecca said. She remembered seeing the gleam in his eyes the day Emma was born and many other times over the course of the next seven years.

The last time she remembers seeing it was only hours before Emma was taken from them. The three of them had their picture taken on the dock next to a sail boat they were about to go out on.

It was a perfect summer day that had gone horribly wrong. A storm blew in from nowhere and the swells it was creating were too big for the small sail boat to handle. The boat capsized throwing the three of them into the water. Emma had slipped out of her life jacket and the sea swallowed her greedily. Her body was never found and Kenneth and Rebecca had to bury any empty coffin.

Two long and grueling years had passed since Emma had been taken from them. No matter what path they tried to take to bring sanity back into their lives just lead back to the same miserable place, a life without Emma. But now they found a new path, a road to Emma, and that brought the gleam back into Kenneth's eyes. He was happy again.

"It's time." He said to Rebecca.

She drew her gaze toward the ocean to see the sun disappear beneath the horizon. They stood up together and walked to the edge of the cliff. Rebecca looked up at Kenneth and asked one last question.

"Do you think anyone will ever find us?"

"No, as long as the high tide does its part, we'll be pulled out to sea." She took comfort in knowing that two more empty coffins would eventually be buried next to Emma's. Kenneth pulled Rebecca in close and kissed her hard. She smiled, took his hand and together they stepped off the drop. Emma's smiling face was the only thing on their minds as the rocks below rushed up to meet them.

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