A Mountain Top Experience

by Mario Vitale

As I look back at my life now that the hour of contentment has passed

That at the grand old age of 85,

I've just begun to learn to live.

The view from this grand place is nothing nearer that what it is for you my dear Lord. Like Abraham before from his sought obedience was the essential key to faith eternally. Often I'm left here surrounded by the mere beauty of the one with whom poke to my heart so very eloquently. You see if you stay still one could hear his still small voice. Kathy, my dear love was gone now and I'm feeling left in this warm cabin to pray to my creator. The craziness outside has now blinded most people from the reality of what was up above. The unique hustle and bustle with its called vanity of all vanity's. Slowly but gently , She reached out for my hand to help. I just got slapped across me face!

Now, I just got in took a walk outside my cabin stretched and made a great yawn. Heading out very early today in order to fetch some rabbit and man was I ever so very hungry. Looking down at the creek I looked at the mere reflection of myself in the water kind of out of reach? Is this the real me? Eighty five now and withering away faster faster. Also in the reflection of the picture of myself. I visually saw a beautiful rainbow filled with red, blue green. I looked around to count the many blessings from above. Even though my beloved bride was gone. Kathy I lived in a very small town outside of Arizona. The border line of Phoenix. We both worked in the ministry helping children from broken homes. At the Baptist Church near my home. Helping others brought on a tight togetherness to a close net way. By giving them each love which brought more love to us from above. Thinking back now Kathy really was very shy? Yet myself on the other hand was very out spoken. When dealing with those very issues in our relationship. Being married for well over thirty five years now. In my early 20's I could look at Kathy and there wasn't anything that could get in my way. It was by God's saving grace we were in love the entire marriage. Sure there were arguments but I always brought in union our relationship with God. In my 30's I started getting a double chin, pot belly and an out stretched forehead. What no hair piece you may ask? Just writing this makes me tired I think I'll sleep for a while to get some shut eye. Now in my dreams now at 85. I picture Kathy and I holding hands while doing devotions prayer. There was always a tender moment kissing those soft lips of hers. People would often say I'm a loner up here on a great big mountain? Yet as an old man I returned to my youth. By faith I chose the tops of hills which were clearly seen. Over look the present sorrows the pain is now gone. While I'm in my prime I sing my final song. For today is tomorrow is for all eternity!

With faith in my heart there is nothing that can ever stand in our way. The day started surprisingly bright . I ventured on a gentleman with a practice in science at Brownstone's local hall. Surprisingly, we had the same birthday the conversation ensued. I wandered searching inside. Filled with the pain I still looked to the sun. Embarked by a brand new day looking toward the rainbow !

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