Butch Malone & the Cobweb Series

by Mario Vitale

Butch Malone walked tall that day when he arose from his rest. Outside pillars having climbed the long whinding duration of each moment he awoke. Various scenes flashed by his brain in remembrances alone again in a pitch darkened room.

Where tables having overturned to seal his doom. For Butch Malone was fit to be told. Many today viewed wanting to run away hide yet to where? Through both space and time there were various questions lingering inside his fragile egg shelled appearance. Many years have passed having every reason to grasp the question of his existence. A chase after ice to seal his doom. Still searching for an answer for the questions that lay on his heart. A neighbor friend would be right by his side to depend. Something was stirring inside when no one would want to date his cause of having cobwebs in his attic. A poor lost soul living in some fish bowl year after year. Chasing sweet dreams through a pipeline built in formation. Perhaps Butch was in need of a break on some long away vacation? With a tender voice that was thhe day Butch stubbed his big toe. There was again silence again stirring in the wind.

Through night following day he took time to bow the knee to pray by giving thanks to the one we have to do. Still it is what it is. Later Butch sold his life story at outdoor auction to benefit the press releases that would profit his name. In time even through the night following the day he took offense. Where as his neighbors disapproved stating, "Life doesn't need to be lived out that way"? His heart was moved with compassion where as later it was fixed on his realization to live out his dreams. In snap shot memory's of his past having so much fun with the hope that it would always last.

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