by C B

****This is just a beginning! I wanted to see if anyone thinks its worth pursuing! PLEASE give me feedback!!!!!****

Winter. The letters alone caused her a chill. The idea of long sleeves and electric blankets brought up feelings she couldn't describe. So staring at the forecast, seeing that the current temperature was 63 degrees brought her a thrill like no other. She was made for winter, pale skin, dark hair, a love of pea coats. Unfortunately the fates used this ironically and she was raised in Florida, forever doomed to wear 100 SPF and spend her summers hiding alone in the house. Unsurprisingly, this did not ally her with the general population, and so she spent her years as a social outcast, "the girl who reads a lot." She equally reveled in and loathed her status in society and flipped between months of splendid isolation and others of loneliness.

When the temperature finally dropped she found herself made anew, scarves and jackets create a person as well as a personality. So on that 63 degree day she donned a stylish winter outfit and set out, hoping to find her place in the world. As is to be expected she didn't, and instead quickly returned home to delve under the covers of a warm bed and between the covers of a favorite novel, Wuthering Heights. A seemingly uninspired choice of literature, the book loved by all those struggling for social acceptance as well as hoping to find a love with someone who changes your very world. She may not have fit in with the tan, toned and beach-loving inhabitants of Tampa, but the world of Wuthering Heights was her refuge. High expectations and rules defining all relationships made a life that seemed similar to her own as well as providing a setting that had a mysterious allure prefect for future daydreaming. It is these very daydreams that would get her into so much trouble, changing her world in a very inspired way.

Twila jumped when she heard her alarm, rolling out of bed with Wuthering Heights thumping onto the floor. She groaned and hit her alarm, feeling around in the darkness for her towel so she could shower. After dozing in the steaming water for a few minutes she washed and found her way out into the cold air. The rest of the morning went about the same, throwing on a hoodie from her sister's college and drying her hair into a semi-acceptable state. Once she arrived at school she sat in the car for a few minutes, eyes closed and mind wandering through ways she could get out of school early but unable to come up with a worthy excuse.

Walking to class was its usual pain, so many people, so few who knew her name. She slumped into a chair as the bell rang, hiding in the back of the class with Wuthering Heights behind her Calculus book she picked up where she had left off last night before falling asleep.

"Twila? Could you give us the correct answer?"

"Square root of six minus square root of two over four"

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