by Ida Logan

Home on a Sunday afternoon, John had piles of homework to finish before the start of a new week of school begins.

\\\"Ughh, math.\\\" He thought to himself and quickly opens a new web page on his computer to read the newest edition of The Oatmeal. With his eyes concentrated on the screen, he reaches his hands into the bag of MM\\'s next to him.


Great. His favourite munch-on snack fallen onto the floor.

Scattered everywhere.

Kneeling, John looks at the colorful pieces and pictures a rainbow on the ground. It is similar to his life

Picking up the red MM, he holds it towards the light and thought about the times he had with Scarlet. He had met Scarlet in Kindergarten and it wasn\\'t long before he started holding her hands during gym time. They would walk around inseparated. She is his one and only love till this day. Carefully, he lines up all the red pieces on the ground.

Orange. It reminded him of the fall leafs that always fell on the street where Scarlet lives. Everyday after school, he would walk her home. Rain or shine. What he loved most about her street is that every house would have a pile of fallen leafs in front of every house. They used to have leaf fights on the way home. Seeing her happily throw the fallen leafs into the air and watching them fall down was one of his favourite moments. He just wants her to be happy.

Yellow. Bananas. That is Scarlets favourite fruit. Not a day would you be able to see her munching a banana during break.

He begins to chuckle as he remembers the embarrasing story relating to the green MM\\'s. Green has always been a favourite color of John\\'s. Green shirts, green jackets, even green underwear. He clearly remembers that one sunny afternoon as he swings back and forth on the monkey bars, his pants ripped. Peeking out was his bright apple green underwear. Scarlet, being the age of 7 offers to help him by gluing his pants together with white glue. Laughing, John carefully puts together the green row of mm\\'s in his rainbow.

Blue. The beautiful and gorgeous eyes of Scarlet.

Just as his puts the last remains of blue MM\\'s onto the picture of the rainbow, John\\'s father enters the room with a huge box.

\\\"STOPPPPPPP!\\\" John yelled on the top of his lungs.

Too late. His life of rainbow ruined and scattered once again.

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