Feeling Light

by Shima Nesari Haghighi Fard

As I put my bare feet on the warm grasses, I can feel the warming of love inside them. While the sun starts shining on my face , the wind starts brushing my hair throwing it all over my shoulders. Even the ants which embrace the grasses between their arms join the warming of life inside them selves ,joining me in this nice celebration of love inside me. But even a small thing can throw all of my happiness over the cold dark mountains ,where it is so hard to run away from the cage of the heart's loneliness ,where there is no choice for your heart to open its wings and keep on flying away from the cold cage of sadness. Even a small black cloud can stop me from feeling the warmth of the sunshine slapping on my cheeks and feeling the warmth of love inside the grasses ,while I step on them , and feeling them between my toes, and feeling the tears of sadness between my long eyelashes, bringing the warm messages of life from inside my lonely heart .But though my jealous eyelashes try to stop my tears touch my frozen cheeks ,and to hide them between their arms , still you can see the drops of tears shining on the black eyelashes , remembering the nights while the silver stars were shining on the black dress of the sky ,and the waves of the ocean were touching your feet ,trying to show its beauty ,with the reflection of the moon on its skin . Here even the sky starts crying for me so that my warm tears of sadness will be washed away, trying to warm the grasses under my feet . But there wouldn't be any way for my heart to open its wings of happiness, till the sun comes and melts the cage of my heart, with its warm love inside, and freeing my wings to help me fly again, though my eyes are redden like the sky is red in the sunset of sadness, it keeps on swimming in the ocean of tears, but I still keep it open, waiting for the sun casting away its cover showing its warm beauty of love to me again.

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