Love Transcends Its Boundaries

by Anita Paul

Love transcends its boundaries

The antique clock of the hospital struck 11 at night when Ritesh was gazing at the stars from the window.The memories of Diya,his girl friend and of course the pain caused by the limb surgery was balking his sleep.He was dreaded with the thought of losing her as doctor said he wont be able to walk like a normal being anymore.After that trauma he remain in a pensive mood always,but the memories of his love treats him as self-healing wizard.

It was a hot summer afternoon when Ritesh,8th semester engineering student,came out with his friends to enjoy kulfi from the nearby vendor.''You know Mahesh completely dozed off during Prof.Agnihotri's boring session of lecture,''and all started laughing.As they were cracking jokes suddenly his eyes stuck to a girl who was also relishing kulfi with her friends.Her long hair,red and white combination kurta with a matching bindi,her smile everything was perfect.She was an epitome of beauty.At the first glance itself he was enamoured with the beauty of that girl.It was like love at first sight and that sight was strong enough to drive him crazy.For the rest two days he concentrated only in accumulating information about her.''She is Diya,6th semester Information Science student,"as informed by his friends.He started overseeing her during every recess and somehow gathered guts to talk to her.''Ritesh is a talented student with sharp features and smart look,''enough for a girl to fall in love with.They started rambling here and there duing weekends and on off periods.Whenever they were around an aura of friendliness,love and care filled the atmosphere.They were elated with each Love other's company and they started loving each other.Days and months spent like that and they were serious about their relationship and about future.One day Ritesh self-asserted that,''I have to study hard for my finals and prepare well for campus interview so that we can lead a happy life.''Diya also conceded the statement and both decided not to meet so frequently.Three consecutive weeks they did not meet and they longed badly for each other.On the fourth week they were desperate and they decided to meet at their favourite place,the ghat of Ganga.She fully decked herself for the most-awaited day and they both were excited about the pleasant moment.

Diya reached earlier than the arrival time while Ritesh was busy selecting flowers for her near the street.It was a busy evening as all office-goers were returning after the busy day.Ritesh in order to reach early,stepped outside the footpath and started walking on the road.As he was about to cross the road in hurry,he didn't notice the car in the opposite direction and it dashed him enormously.The atmosphere was panic-striken and he lost consciousness immediately.He was taken to the nearby hospital and was admitted in the emergency ward.

''Which way is the emergency ward?'' as Diya rushed to the reception sobbing profusely.She was shellshocked and became numb at the sight of her love.Her worries knew no bounds and she was nursing him day and night.Gradually after few days he gained little strength to talk to her.His vast fortune of having a preety girl friend,of a bright future with a stable job has dwindled away.He was crying and was remorseful of his situation now.All these thoughts has engulfed him so much that he was not getting sleep.

''Good morning,'' said Diya ''with a bunch of fresh flowers,'' which again reminded him of that day.Her smile was enough to take away all his pain and she always ensured with a kiss.She was completely aware of the mental disorder which he was going through of losing her.He tried to make her understand that he has become ''like a pair of shoes which no longer fits.''As a true lover he doesn't want to be in her life like a burden,an obligation which she has to carry throughout her life.

''Your love has made me enough valiant to face and tackle any circumstance and I can't think of a life without you and your love,''these words were strong and made him realize that how much his presence is important in her life.She decided to pursue her relation with him although she knew it is not an enticing proposition.She knew she has to face lot of hurdles but she has the belief that their love will empower all obstacles.

''When love is true it transcends its boundaries and a true lover is one who can handle love when it is at its worst.''

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