Night Terror

by Francisco Escandon

In the 1960s, 5 friends stayed in a summer home near the woods. No one knows what happened. How ever there is some evidence. the film has not yet to be discovered. There was no murderer. Just 5 people. And one camera. The following story,in which you are about to read,is based on a true story.

Based on the horror film silent house.

The day is nice out. 5% humidity. 75 degrees out. Not a chance of rain yet. It is Friday. A day after high school graduation. Everyone brought food. Drinks. Alcohol. And of course-Cuban cigars. And some weed. They are almost at the house. A two hour drive. Deandre says"hey tom remember when you had that date with your math teacher?". Everyone laughs. Tom says"very funny. But hey i look at it this way...I got a good deal. I traded for the D she was gonna give me for a B." Everyone laughs again. Once they arrived there it was 8:00 pm. Everyone is unpacking. The summer home is not a typical one. 4 rooms. 5 bathrooms. 3,000,000 square feet. A backyard that led to the woods. Decent enough room for a bar-b-que grill. let the party begin!. everyone is dancing. Rap music. Cigar an weed smoke. Drinks in there hands. Deandre says"yo tom can you get some captain Morgan,an ice for me? It's in the small fridge. Thanks bro". Tom says"alright." As tom goes to get the alcohol an ice,the light shuts off-in the basement. And in the house.The lights flick on an off. On the tv, it shows tom. He is bleeding out of is mouth an eyes. He is choking, but what is choking him? The voice says" if you want to save your friend, try an stop me! you have 10 seconds!". Bobby starts running. The voice is counting down-"" Kate, terrified screams"no!!". The last number. one. Tom's head cracks open from the mouth. The blood is all over the floor. Even on Bobby. He backs up an runs back into the house. The spirit says"i remember you all. For what you all did to me, i will reveal your deepest,darkest secrets!. Your fears are my pleasure! ." The tv shuts off. A camera is being seen throughout the house. They hear a knock on the door. Kate opens it. There it is. Bobby's dead body. Kate screams. Maggots squirming in his body. There is a message on Bobby's dead body. It's written in led. It reads-DON'T LEAVE THE HOUSE.

The darkness. Kate's fear since she was little. She continues to have nightmares. What that is, is about to be discovered. Deandre closes the door. He says"we have to get of here! hurry!" As they try to leave they a writing in blood on the wall . It says- YOU ARE ALL MINE. Dana also terrified says"what do we do?". Deandre says"we have to leave...soon." panicking, Kate says"soon? we don't have til soon! that thing killed our friend, an it's gonna kill us all, we need to get out now!". Bobby says"i agree with Kate. We need to find a way out." Deandre says"okay-we are leaving. Everybody run! quickly to the car!". As soon as he opens the door the car is set on fire. Everyone tries to run to the back door, but it's locked. A voice whispers in kate's head-kill them. Revenge. Kill them. Kill them all. Avenge me. Avenge you. Kate,flashing her eyes constantly,an moving her head a lot . The voice keeps on whispering-blood. Blood. Murder. Revenge. Don't you remember? October 5th. Kate says "no." flashbacks occur when Kate was 8 years old. Her mom is yelling "you are the worst daughter ever! you little miscreant! You,along with your brothers an sister will rot in hell!. Crying won't do anything. Crying is for weak minded people!. " She hears constant whispers freak. Freak. Mommy's mistake. Daddy's broken condom. All the psychotic episodes in school. The voodo dolls that are a replica of you. The curses. Witchcraft. Mommy only drugged you to make you more like her. You wanted to be like her." She says "that's not true!".

"Daddy loves you too. All those switches. Machine after machine. The doctor. Don't you remember?". "!". Her mom yells"you are a disgrace! You bring shame to this family!." Another flash back occurs. Kate is strapped to the bed. She is frightened. Panicking. Scared. Nervous. She is 10 years old. Her dad is setting up a machine. Tubes in her arms. Her mom is putting her "medicine" through her arms. Kate asks "mom?. What's going on? Why are these tubes through my arms? mommy-what's that machine? is daddy a doctor?". Her mom says" shh. Quiet sweety. This will hurt a little bit. I'll be right here." Kate starts shaking. Blood coming out of her nose. And eyes. The voice whispers "all those times you are down. You freak." The voice in her head gets more louder-"stop moving around! stop screaming! if you moved less,an said nothing it won't hurt you!." She yells "shut up!".Bobby asks"Kate,you okay?". The voice whispers,in loud voices .Look at you...ugly little thing aren't you?. She starts crying an says" " It tells her "Your my little girl. I love youy so much kate. Be a good girl for daddy. Don't be whiney. What? This isn't fun for you? Try not to make any sounds. Mommy will wake-up, an your borthers an sisters will ruin our game." She tries to stop crying an says"no!." Bobby says"Kate? Kate?! you okay? hello! Kate? put down the knife!.Be careful!!". She yells"no! Get away from me!!". Bobby yells"Kate calm down!!". She yells "shut up!. Why-why did you let them?". He says"what do you mean? who?". She yells "mom an dad!." In a calm voice, Dana says"Kate-i-i think you need to relax-" an in an odd voice in her head says "behave for mother!".

Kate screams,an says"i hate you! get away from me!." Dana, an imaginary person says"i love you. Behave for daddy." Bobby says" that-a-girl. Your so smart." Deandre says" shh. Mommy will wake-up an find out if you make too much noise, you will punished. Do you want that? Then listen to daddy." Kate starts crying more,an screams "leave me alone!!!!". She takes a fire pic an stabs Deandre in the eye. Then stabs him in the head,numerous times. She does the same thing to Dana. The whispers in her voice, possessing her every move. She tries to fight it off,an runs away. she tries to unlock the back door. Then the front door. Nothing. No escape. All the windows, covered with black trash bags an tarp wraped in duct tape-along with wood nailed to the wall of the window. Bobby says"i love you honey. Come close to me. It's okay." All the whispers she heard before surround her thoughts,and body,as she squirms around.. ",no...." Bobby portraying an becoming Kate's dad says"Katey don't be such a baby. It's only a game. Do you remember that day?. I took you in this house....and i did what i had to do. That's the reason you are how you are. Now, don't run from Daddy. And help me finish our game. But what ever you do, don't say a word. Zip an lock it". He grabs her by the hair an drags her across the floor. "Here is the finishing touches on the cake!". Bobby says. Then he tries to unwillingly seduce her, she kicks him in the face-then she grabs a sledge hammer. Bobby says"do you know why you are afraid of the dark? Do you remember all those times, you were buried alive-an you would wake-up with visible marks?. But what you don't know is all the kids you aborted,Kate. 4!. 4 of them!. You aborted my kids!". Bobby's natural voice says" In an out of foster homes. All the beatings. Listen to the voices in your head"...In an odd voice as the possessions of her imagination he says" YOU ARE MINE." She screams "FUCK YOU!!". Then She bashes a sledge on him. All the flashbacks an memories sworm around her. All her imaginery fears. All the secrets spilled out in the open from within. The TV goes on an off.

Kate looks at the TV-it shows a reflection of her mother through Kate. Then it shows a video of Kate,when she was 10. Her mom asks" Katey honey, what are you afraid of?. " She says "not being like you mommy." She looks around. The car is set on fire. Tom. Deandre. Bobby. Dana. They all are suspected to be dead. Or eviserated. And Kate-she is dead. In her mind she is.

To her they seemed real. The damage feeling she felt from her parents-practically her entire life. All her fears pouring out from her soul, since she was little. Did she really kill them?. Are they really dead?. Was she seeing things?. She then walks out of the house.The door closes. She walks off into the night. The camera is turned off.

Til this day, it is still not confirmed whether the events that happened that night are real. The evidence that has not yet been seen in the camera, still remains a mystery to this day.

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