The Greatest Threat

by Peter Hunter

The Greatest Threat

By Peter Hunter

The threat we face by is greater than at any time inhuman history. It is invisible and one that could even now be undermining our beliefs

  our thinking and our understanding

We are all no doubt aware, if not familiar, with the so-called viruses both benign and malignant, that infiltrate our computers. Twenty years ago I wrote a novel predicting their aggressive potential to destroy the economy and the command and control systems our modern life-style depends on.

However, as we drunkenly stagger towards electronic chaos, a far greater threat presents itself

  software viruses, bugs entering not just our laptop or PC

but our brains

Politicians and advertising executives have long understood the importance of repetition the recurrent plugging of a message - knowing that if repeated enough, many will eventually believe it. But what price repetition of subliminal propaganda not just our TV screens but uncontrolled in computers?

At least with the verbal and pictorial sort

  our consciousness has an opportunity to challenge and reject it

The threat does not necessarily need to be imbedded in viruses. It could be distributed inside all software even attractive products

  subliminally subverting our thoughts, programming our brains

Could it already be happening? Consider

Subliminal messages in any software brainwashing, perhaps hypnotising us with actions for later

Peter Hunter 2012

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