Giant Dad

by Jason Holloway

He rose out of the shallow end of of the pool. Four, five, six kids climbed his massive arms to reach the safety of his mighty shoulders. His giant's stride carried them across the pool. Drink in hand he powered through the water with the drag of laughing and screaming kids straining and pulling to stop him from taking them to the deep end.

The determined look of his slanted brow and hard nose stayed steady as more children clamored and climbed over each other to join the battle to stop the colossus. They screamed and laughed as they rode the Dad of Destiny toward the abyss of the deep, dark end of the pool. The water rose above his waist.

One after another they pealed a way; afraid to go deeper than they had before. One small girl was at the top of his shoulders. Her arms were clamped around his square head. Two boys clung to his arms and were submerged as the water rose. They let go, gasping and coughing as they struggled for the safety of the shallows. He showed no remorse.

The girl had this bull by the horns. She rode him down the slopping bottom. The water covered his shoulders. She knew he was taller than the water. He was her dad.

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