Come Ride This Train With Me

by Jesse Ulloa

"Come ride this train with me. Ive been waiting a long time for you to show up and you've arrived not a second late or a second early. You've arrived on time. The train is here and it will depart soon. Let us get on this train and leave this cold hard grey platform. Ive spent my time watching others come and leave. They are happy, and now that you've arrived I am happy too. We will no longer live vicariously through others, and we are minutes away from being transient into another reality. Where will this train go? I am not certain, i know that you and I will be on it. That is enough for me. We need not worry of others and their destination. I can show you places that you've longed to visit both in your heart and in your mind. I can uplift your emotions to another location beyond any bliss you know. There is so much uncertainty; it seems overwhelming at times but be confident that I will not let any inconveniences destroy our train or the track on which it treads. Believe me when i tell you I am sincere and kind. I will care for you as I would a delicate withering flower. I will look after you and will be exclusively yours. I will never be elusive should problems occur between us. Ive made mistakes and the consequences have humbled me. However, things that I cannot offer you are wealth, luxury, and materialistic items. You see, I am but a lower class citizen. I see no need to disguise myself in jewelry and coats, I cannot pretend to be that which I am not. The only thing I can offer you is my heart and my unconditional love. I am a poor man and I am sorry if this displeases you, but I am not like other men I can assure you. I will comfort you when times seem against you, I can offer you my compassion and empathy when you weep. I can help you achieve your goals and I can help you expand your mind. I can be a fragment of myself in your heart when I am away, this I can do. Let us make haste and I will make sure you do not regret your decision. This world was meant for us, this train was meant for us. My sweet beauty wont you come ride this train with me? Ive many things to show you and plenty things to show the love I feel for you. I can see that my words have reached you as a tear is dripping down that beautiful smile. I love you and I will forever be yours for as long as you wish. Until the day I do not possess the strength to make my heartbeat I will be here to support you in your good times and unlucky times. Even then I will live inside you and you will feel the glowing sensation of a man who you once knew that loved you until he could no longer breathe. I will never die, and I will always live in your mind and in your memories. Now my dear we must leave and get on this train I must confess that I cannot bear another heartache, Ive felt the sting of an untrue devotion and if that is the case here kill me now and let this forever be a dream. A dream of the caliber of which a child awakes to tell his parents of his great adventures and how he has traveled through the jungle and acquainted himself with various savage animals and humans. If your love for me is as authentic as my love for you let us be on our way and forget all this non-sense of the past. Come with me I can show you my dreams and my reality which I've constructed in my mind. Wont you come ride this train with me?"

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