If You See Some One Without a Smile Give Him One of Yours

by K Jambulingam

"If you see someone without a smile give him one of yours"

I met a friend of mine after forty long years. We were working in the same unit for a year . We talked about so many things and some names of our colleagues figured in. My fiend remembered my stories that were broadcast by radio in those days. I told him that I do write for radio now but not regularly as before.

I used to contribute for the youth programme on every Friday of Sri Lankan Broadcasting Asian Services at 41 meter band short wave. As a result I became the short story writer and popular story teller on the staff of Military School for the rest of my service for next thirty seven years that followed. Even to day my stories enter into the conversation of Georgians whenever they meet and talk about their Alma Matter Military School.

Sri Lankan Broad casting service was responsible for the great success of Tamil Movies at the box office as the songs of the films acted as the greatest advertisement Agency. As the film songs reverberated every nook and corner of the Village tea shops, the radio programmes were cantering for all types of listeners speaking different languages. Once a month the sound track of Tamil films were on the air. Sales of transistor radios made in China and Japan flooded the markets.

In between film songs advertisements made their appearance too. But those were few and far between. Therefore listeners did not mind them.

B.B.C and Voice of America were popular among the English knowing listeners. I remember the popular names like Pat Gates Alfred Johnson and Dick Johnson. Pat Gates used to close her breakfast show programme with her popular message, "If you see someone without a smile, give him one of yours".

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