Feline Fascination

by Thomas Kimura

As you can already tell by the title this is going to a story of two cats, but these two cats are not your average pair of street roaming, tree-climbing and dumpster diving cats. The pair seemed to be your every day cats, but under closer inspection their true shades shine. Neither cats had any real owners. The first pair is named Axel. Despite the sound of the name and the general conceptions conceived when you hear such a name, Axel is actually nothing you would expect. The only thing average about him is the sleek black coat of fur that he wears throughout the day. Now Axel is a friend with another cat named Locke. Locke is also a bit of a weirdo cat, but in another way. Where Axel is uninterested in even the most interesting of cat things Locke is inquisitive of the most miniscule of things. They are complete opposites in more ways then one. This of course would explain his vibrant white coating. Locke is the cat that always gets himself into trouble; luckily for him he is also the fastest cat in the city and can outrun most dangers.

The two cats spent their lives together (it is only one life that they get). Axel would hide in the alleyways and stay away from any sort of social interaction. He would spend his days indulging in the most delicious of dumpster food. Without a care in the world just eat and sleep. Locke being the most adventurous of the pair was the one who would be out all the time, leaving none for anything else. Stealing fruits and munchies to bring back to the alleyway, Locke was also living without a care. They both lived their lives indulging in the simplest of things. Locke's daily routine was much similar to that of Axel's but Locke's would involve much more physical exertion. Eat, sleep and catching an occasional bird is his plan. What a waste for such special cats. Now this boring routine continued for their whole life without much change.

After continuing there usual routine for the majority of their lives the cats are now at the end of the one life they have. With their old age the pair of them both decided to search for the meaning of life. Now 84 years old the two of them set off on some sort of journey. Of course this will be quite the challenge especially for this particular pair of cats. Axel was still being very negative about this whole idea, something to do with his sleep schedule. Locke on the other hand was ready for action and practically dragging Axel by the neck. After years of living on the streets Locke knew instantly that the only place they would find what they were looking for would be in the sewer.

The adventure began with the two of them climbing down the broken manhole in the alleyway. The sewer smelt horrible, but different for both cats. Axel fear and nervousness mixed with dead fish. Locke on the other hand had the smell of determination and faith in his nose. Of course humans have much weaker noses and would never be able to recognize such smells.

After a few days the cats have come to a fork in the sewer. Axel had no idea which direction to take and even contemplated turning back. Locke knew the direction to go, he believed it in his heart. Locke was right with his gut feeling. So the two cats continued to the left. Axel was still being very weary and had no faith or gut left in him at all. That would explain how Axel has survived this long without food in his gut. He just doesn't have one left. Locke is surviving off of the determination that seems to be having a sort of intoxicating effect on him.

Fortunately for the two the end of their journey was around the next corner. And there it was the meaning of life. It was right in front of them. Big, small, bright and fantastically dark. The meaning of life was everything and nothing. Locke was the first to see it of the pair. He was amazed and in complete awe. Nothing would ever be the same for him after seeing that. He believed he saw the meaning of life. However, Axel never saw the meaning of life. He was standing right under it and he still saw nothing but cold sewage and regret. Axel was confused. Why was Locke able to see this magnificent thing, but Axel was not able to see it. Axel in a way knew this would happen. He didn't believe they would find the meaning of life in the sewers. For him that was complete nonsense. Locke was so amazed at what he had just seen that didn't want to leave. Sitting, waiting, and observing the magnificent discovery he just made. Axel felt different he wanted to leave right away, and that's what he did. Leaving Locke behind to observe and think.

The next few days went by and Axel had not seen any sign of Locke yet. He must still be in the sewer Axel thought. Axel was of course too lazy to bother to check that day. Another week went by with still no sign of Locke. At this point Axel decided he would get out of his alleyway and finally do something on his own. He went back into the sewer to find his friend Locke. Once Axel got to the point that he last saw Locke he could not find him. He saw nothing. There was no meaning of life down there and there certainly was not any other cat. Again disappointed with the sewer, Axel decided to never go down there again.

It has been nearly two weeks since the incident in the sewer occurred. Axel wondered what had happened to Locke. He probably got lost down there after staring at the meaning of life. With no food or water for more than a week there would be no way for him to survive. Of course Axel never thought of all the numerous amounts of other manholes that Locke could have gotten out through. Perhaps Locke made it out alive and is finally living his life.

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