by K Racey

Brilliant sunshine streamed into the master bedroom, between the cream coloured curtains, that were swaying gently in the morning breeze. Following the warmth of the sun was a slight trickle of cold air, which seemed to dance across the exposed areas of the two companions sleeping soundly. Slowly their bodies reacted to the change in temperature, from the musky heat of the night, to the fresh morning breeze, and their bodies became entwined, sharing their natural warmth. Nestling her head into the curved shoulder of her lover, Sarah slowly reached up and rubbed her eyes, before resting her gaze on James.

"Good Morning sexy" she whispered, not wanting to wake him yet. James had recently begun work as a solicitor in a law firm in the city, and at present was working almost 16 hour days, and she had been busy organising a wedding for the last year, so they hadn't spent much time together. "You look so beautiful" she murmured, as her slender hand stroked the dark brown locks of his hair. Gingerly un-wrapping the sheet from her naked body, Sarah slowly crept out of their shared bed, and tiptoed across the plush carpet, being careful not to make to much noise. Bending down, Sarah reached for the pale pink nightgown, that had been so wantonly torn off her the night before, and smiled as she remember their love-making, her heart racing as she remembered the path his tongue had taken down her body. Anticipating another torrid love-making session, she made her way towards the en-suite, thinking to freshen up before she woke her lover.

As she entered the bathroom, the brilliant sunshine of the morning reflected of the gleaming white bathroom suite, and filled the room with light. Turning on the shower, Sarah slowly disrobed as the bathroom began to heat up, steaming up the windows and the large mirror that lay above the bath. Allowing the water time to reach that desired temperature, she casually prepared herself for a luxurious shower by filling the cubicle with the required toiletries, before stepping into the cascade of running water.

Finishing her shower and opening the cubicle door and stepping out of the hot steam, Sarah reached for the soft blue fluffy towel to help dry her-self with. Rubbing the towel over her rounded breasts, soft smooth stomach and toned arms; she looked into the foggy mirror to see her reflection before her. Through the misty covering on the bathroom mirror, Sarah could see her body glistening in the mirror, showing the wet drops still clinging to her damp thighs, and silken legs. Her long freshly washed hair dripped onto her delicate shoulders, and down her back. Bending forwards to wipe the mist from the mirror, a small drop of water fell onto her leg. Catching the movement, Sarah ran her fingers slowly up her leg, from her shapely ankle, to her silken calves, and slowly up her inner thigh. A tickling sensation ran down her spine, as her thigh tingled from her soft touch.

Dropping the soft towel, Sarah perched on the side of the white enamel bath, watching her reflection as she did so. The graceful curves of her body glimmered, the dampness of the hot shower making her freckled skin shine slightly. Gently Sarah parted her thighs, bringing one side down into the bath, the other against the rim, so she could see her most intimate parts in the mirror. Her hands stroked her breasts, cupping them gently, and flicked the slightly erect nipples, the soft brown areola tingling with anticipation. Bringing her head forward slightly, she watched the nipples harden further. Raising one hand towards her mouth, Sarah slowly sucked her finger, allowing the wetness of her tongue to cling. Bringing her finger slowly from her mouth, she lowered it to her breast where she circled the nipple, slowly, then increasing in tempo and pressure, as the feeling of arousal grew.

Trailing her hands down past her stomach, sending shivers of excitement down her sides, she stroked the soft curls at the junction of her legs, twisting them between her fingers. Wetting her finger again, Sarah reached down, and circled the tip of her swollen clitoris with her finger, gently, in a small rhythmic motion, building the pressure gradually. Her wet fingers caressed the intimate parts of her vagina, stroking, tickling, until she wanted more. Her thighs pressed together, trapping her hand inside her, increasing the pressure on her clit. Pressing her fingers deep into her-self, Sarah gave a soft moan, as she felt the moistness of her own body, welcoming her inside. Her fingers glided in and out, the wetness helping her as she increased her speed.

Caressing her breasts with her other hand, teasing the erect nipple; Sarah watched her reflection before her, noticing the reddened lips, the diluted pupils of her eyes and the glowing cheeks of her face as she neared orgasm. Shifting slightly, Sarah reached deep inside her, seeking the depths of her pleasure, moaning softly as she did so. Increasing the tempo, faster, harder as her body reacted to her thrusting. Suddenly her body tensed sharply, as the release of a powerful orgasm swept over her, then panting her body gave into the indescribable pleasure. Her body slowly relaxed, as her grip on the side of the bath loosened, and her body felt satisfied with the release from the orgasm. Waiting several moments for her breathing to slow, Sarah slowly reached for the towel to dry her satisfied body.

Anticipating the awakening of James, Sarah quickly dried the remainder of her body, draped the gown over her, and returned to the bedroom. Seeing him stir slightly, she went over and gently kissed the smooth surface of his forehead, and was greeted by his arm snaking around her waist to pull her on top of him.

"I didn't realise you were awake" she panted, as her breathing recovered from his sudden movement.

"I heard the shower running, so I thought I'd surprise you when you returned" he grinned sexily, his eyes lighting up with amusement, before asking "Was your shower nice?" with a knowing smile across his handsome face.

"Very relaxing" Sarah replied huskily. As she remembered the way her fingers had caressed her naked body, Sarah began to slowly run her fingers across his chest, twisting the splattering of blonde hairs gently. Moaning softly, James responded to her touch by kissing her deeply, his mouth catching her full bottom lip teasingly, while his hands pulled her closer into his embrace. Withdrawing slowly, he twisted sharply, so Sarah was led adjacent to him, and began to lower his head, kissing her neck, and causing shivers to run down her spine from his touch. Gradually moving down her neck, he paused occasionally to reach back and again capture her mouth with his deep, sensuous kisses. Quivering from the feather light touch of his fingertips down her back, Sarah's breathing quickened, as she began to surrender to him.

Noticing the tightening of her nipples, James flicked his tongue against the hardness, feeling Sarah tremble beneath him. Taking a breath James lowered his mouth onto the nipple and began to suck gently, whilst softly pulling, and caressing her other nipple and breast.

In delight, Sarah arched her head back, allowing him full access to her breasts. Slowly, James moved from her breasts and began trailing his wet tongue down her side, and across her softly rounded stomach, leaving a cool trail across her already hot body. Yearning for more, Sarah urged James to go lower, her body already aroused from her earlier touch, was almost crying out for the deep hard penetration of her lover. Spreading her legs slightly, Sarah slowly traced a path down James back, around his side, and then lowered onto her own vagina.

"Please James, touch me here", she asked in a trembling voice, as her fingers started to circle around her aroused clitoris. Seeing how aroused she was James lowered his body down the bed, and snaked his tongue down towards her hands. Nudging them away, he gradually began to tickle her clitoris with his tongue, slowly circling, and then jabbing gently at the aroused point. Moaning louder and faster, Sarah pulled James head closer to her vagina, letting him taste the wetness of her body.

"Sarah" James groaned, "I need you". Pulling himself up, James placed his hard cock into Sarah's hand while he kissed her passionately, allowing her to taste her own juices. He rubbed himself against the softness of her palms while their kiss deepened, his arousal growing more evident each second. "Now!" he urged. Responding to his urgency, Sarah carefully reached toward James, allowing him to pull her up of the bed. Turning she rested her hands on the creased sheets of the bed, and thrust her back towards him. In awe of her beauty, James cupped the cheeks of her bottom, and arched her back, providing him with a full display of her womanhood in front of him. Panting softly, Sarah reached back toward James, and urged him forward. Carefully placing the tip of his cock at the opening of her vagina, he rubbed gently up and down, coating the tip in her natural wetness. Then holding onto her cheeks, he thrust deeply, causing Sarah to moan loudly with pleasure.

"Harder, James, please" She cried loudly, as the rhythmic thrusts grew faster. Clutching onto the tangled sheets, Sarah sweated with exertion as James pounded harder into her welcoming body. Her orgasm was almost upon her, as almost screaming with frustration, and wanting his release; James reached round and started to caress Sarah's breasts as he thrust into her. Urging him on a little more, Sarah's body finally reached its climax, and she moaned loudly as the release hit her. Within seconds, James own orgasm had built significantly, as with one last thrust he ejaculated into Sarah's body.

Collapsing onto the crumpled sheets, James and Sarah lay panting, exhaustion hitting them from the release of their orgasms. Turning to one side Sarah lifted her head slightly to speak "That was amazing", she whispered, aware that to speak louder was to require more effort. "We must do this again".

"You're so beautiful, you know that don't you?" James asked his new wife "We've still got another fortnight left of our honeymoon you know" Reaching toward Sarah, he carefully pulled her into his arms, and holding her tightly drifted into sleep.

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