A Baby Turtle

by Manu Peter

One fine night, Evelyn was walking along the sea shore with her Mommy. The sea looked calm and the breeze was refreshing.

"Look mommy, there is something moving behind that rock", shouted Evelyn.

"C'mon, let's go and see what it is", said mommy.

The moon was shining brightly high up n the sky. Under the moonlight, they saw that it was a baby turtle hatched from its egg shell, not far away. It was trying to reach the sea, but was not being able to climb over the rock.

"Let's help him reach the sea", said mommy.

"Why?", asked Evelyn, "Can't we take him home and put him in our aquarium?"

"That is not the right thing to do. Won't he be alone without his friends and maybe, his mommy might be waiting for him in the sea. Won't you feel sad, if someone took you away from your mommy?", said mommy.

Evelyn was sad, but she understood her mother's words. So, she carried the baby turtle and placed him on the sea shore. The turtle moved slowly in to the sea and was gone.

Mommy explained to Evelyn how some people hurt and kill turtles for fun and for their meat and eggs, which is absolutely wrong.

Evelyn felt happy that she helped the turtle return to the sea and ran along on the sea shore with her dear mommy.

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