Here. It was already lit.

Backset drivers side he sat, driving back from someones house he had never met till a few hours before. He couldnt even remember their name, didnt know if he ever met them. Whats in it?; What do you think fool?; Just that?; Yeah just take it. Laughter filled the car, even he laughed having caught a glimpse of himself in the windows reflection. The blonde next to him was fading in and out of consciences, fighting the urge finally give in and sleep. Her dress was slipping from her left shoulder and she kept bumping against him.

Full car, hope the drivers not out of it....time? No cops. No traffic. Checking his phone for first time in hours he fixated on the flashing green light. Text or email he wondered. Text was her. Email was Her. Security answer down on his phone he saw it was both. Do the healthy thing he said and checked the text first.

Coming over later? That was hours ago. You awake he text her.

He knew better then to think she would reply that fast. The email was junk from 1-800-Petmeds. Good. The blonde was waking up from her five minute sleep. His bloodshot eyes saw her blue ones, they looked distressed.

He rubbed her back as she emptied herself on the side of the road. She was crying, saying it burned her nose. No one else from the car cared enough to be there, all of them wrapped up in their own world. More still and he wondered how much could be left. She went to one knee and he noticed the small tattoo on lower back. She seemed to be done but didnt want to move, he checked his phone again. She had replied:

Where r u?

The blondes hand was looking for his. He helped her into the car as her legs were wobbly under her very small amount of weight. Passenger Seat and the Driver looked like they were close to having sex in the car. Good he though, theyll want to fuck so shell drive faster. The blonde passed out again. Phone in hand he relit the joint.

No idea where I am ; Ill be alone tonight!?!? ; You were earlier ; U suck.

The clock flashed 4:12 when he pulled into his driveway. One last check of the phone he thought, he was becoming lightheaded from too many toxins and far too little sleep. U know how i feel about being alone at night she had text him. His dress shirt was open showing a white undershirt. There were small amounts of the blondes evening here and there sprayed upon it.

Im in no shape to come over ; U know i wont care about that.

4:24 when he parked in front of her apartment complex. She opened the door naked, the benefits of living alone he thought. Falling into her bed he didnt know what she would want. They fucked then she surprised him: Spoon she said. Be the big spoon.



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