Close the Windows

by Tyler Rogers

A boy in a room.Surrounded by four white walls all around him.Alone he is always thinking, drowning in thoughts.Wondering,questioning, and always curious of everything around him.What is going on he asks to himself knowing there is no answer.There is never an answer to a question he himself had pondered over in his mind.Why was it that he seemed he could not be told anything?Why was it that he himself could not be told what is truely going on?After years of this solitude the windows began to open up.The sunlight began to pour in the glass paynes glistening,engrossing him with light.This radient light began to free the boy's mind from the bonds he was once in.The freedom of his mind was unleashed and so it began to finally be answered.It was as though all he needed was the radience and warmth of the light.No longer was he all alone in a dark room bound by four white walls,but he was unleashed by the light.He walked towards the window and took one step outside,but what he found was not what he had expected.The ground was tarnished and shred with death and suffering.The skies ran red with the smoke of the pillars in the distance protruding with red flames.It was as if the living had not but escaped this land,abandoned by what seemed the world.As he turned around to see the window from which he had escaped there was nothing but a big white tree.The tree was old but leafless,seemingly the only living thing in this land.He took one step back inside and closed the window once again with his answers to the questions he wish he did not ask.Again he sat in the dark room with four white walls waiting to emerge once again in time when the world is right once more."When will the world go back to the past beauty it once had?"He asked himself one last time.The next day the tree was cut down to make more room for yet another factory.

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