The Lilly

by Stephen Haley

The Lilly

Stephen A. Haley


    A short story surrounding the death of a little girls father and his return to assure her he was alright. His return was not what she expected.

    Dearly beloved ...... The minister seemed to go on forever.

    The sermon seemed to be a backdrop for Jenna. Her eyes were fixed on the coffin and her mother in a state of shock. Even now 3 days after the automobile accident her mother was standing in the first row of the crowd still crying. At 7 Jenna really didn't understand what was going on but it didn't matter to her. She just wanted her daddy back. The gathering went on and on and as it dispersed the people walked away one by one with most still in tears. They loved daddy just like me. she said to herself.

    Later that night as Jenna laid in bed she talked to her daddy. Daddy, please come back. You said you'd never leave me. Please come back. This continued until she fell asleep.

    Wake up darlin. Wake up. the voice said.

    Stirring from her sleep Jenna wakes and rubs her eyes as she yawned. Looking up she smiles. Daddy, daddy! You are here. I knew you'd come back! I knew it! I love you daddy! Jenna cried out and hugged her father.

    How is my big girl doing. I missed you but I'm here now and everything is going to be alright. he says as he gives her his typical bear hug. You been okay? I hope you didn't worry about me. I told you I'd take care of you and never leave. I almost blew both of my promises little lady. he adds.

    Daddy, tell me a story. Lets go tell momma you came back. I want some milk and a cookie. Jenna goes on and on.

    Jenna I can't tell momma I came back but I can leave her a sign that I did and that everything is going to be okay. Will that do? he asked Jenna.

    Sure daddy, but I bet she'd really like to see you. Jenna replies.

    I'm sure little lady but it's 12:29 PM, lets go for a walk. her father says.

    Sure daddy lets go. The garden is pretty and mom loves the flowers. Jenna replies.

    Lets go pick momma a Lilly. She loves those more than any other flower, okay? he asks.

    Lets go daddy. Jenna replies.

    The garden is under a full moon and Jenna picks the prettiest Lilly in the garden. Lets give this one to momma. she says.

    That's the one I'd pick sweetie. Lets do it. he replies.

    They head back to Jenna's room.

    Lets put it on your pillow, okay? he asks.

    Okay, but why not momma's pillow? she replies.

    Momma will be coming in really soon Jenna. So lets surprise her. Okay? he says.

    In a few minutes the door opened and in walked her mother still in tears. She nears the bed and seeing the Lilly falls to her knees and cries out loud. My baby. My baby. Why did you take my baby?

    In her had was a paper. She dropped it on the bed and held the Lilly to her face and cried.

    Tears fell on to the paper, a death certificate for Jenna. She was injured in the accident with her father and just pronounced dead at 12:29 PM, minutes before.

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