Awkward Love Story

by Josh

As he waits outside for her, he wonders just what she's been up to lately. As soon as he decides to go the front door to ask her and see if she even wants to talk to him, she leaves her house with her daughter in tow. He watches her put her daughter in the car and leave. He sighs as he drives away to go home to his empty house. Unsure of what to do he calls and orders more pizza because he no longer feels like cooking since she left. All cooking does is serve to remind him of her and he usually ends up burning himself in some way. All he does anymore is go to work and come home to his empty house and play video games, watch TV or movies and sleep. He doesn't seem to have any friends anymore. No one calls or writes or comes over to visit. And he doesn't have the energy to go anywhere after work anyways. As he thinks about her and her daughter, he wonders if the dad is in their lives.

As he opens another bottle of whiskey and waits for his pizza he wonders if she even misses him. Slowly time ticks by as he stares at his TV without knowing what is actually on. Finally his pizza arrives. He pays and then closes the door while wondering if he should just stop eating and die. With those thoughts in his head he goes back into his bedroom. While he eats and drinks his 1/5th of whiskey he decides that he's going to see her one last time before he goes. He finally finishes his bottle of whiskey and passes out drunk.

The next morning he calls her and sees if she wants to meet with him that weekend somewhere in town. After getting the date and time set up he decides that he is only going to do it if she is truly happy with this guy.

The day of their meeting comes up and he gets up early to shower, shave and dress up nicely. While he's shaving he is careful not to cut himself with his razor. When he's done shaving he laughs at the irony, he's planning on killing himself but doesn't want to knick himself with his razor. As he walks to their meeting place he watches traffic. He has decided that he will walk in front of a semi, but not with her in view. He doesn't want her or her daughter to witness his death.

As he arrives early, he notices that she is there already. He notices that she is dressed up nicely with fully done make up and that she is alone. He slowly walks up to her and compliments her. She compliments him back. They sit down to talk over lunch and he notices the engagement ring that he had originally bought her is still on her right ring finger. He marvels at that fact. As he asks her about her daughter and how they are doing he also notices the engagement ring on her left hand as well. She admits that she is engaged and is very happy with the groom to be. He tells her congratulations and that he hopes that she has a very happy and successful marriage.

Two hours later they leave the restaurant. As he walks her to her car he decides that he is going to kill himself as planned, but that he is going to change his will so that she gets all of his assets, which totals about $2,450,000.00. She will not know it and he knows then that he has to make it look like an accident. As she gets in her car she asks him if he wants to meet up again and talk sometime. He agrees and they agree to meet in 3 days.

During those 3 days he changes his will to what he wishes it to be and then decides on how he can kill himself while still leaving his fortune to her. He decides that he will stop going to the doctor and ignore his doctor's advice and continue drinking heavily. His kidneys and liver are failing but he wants her to be happy and be able to live comfortably. He knows that he will be able to make it to their next meeting but he also knows that it will be his last.

The day of their meeting finally comes up and he gets up and dresses up again to go meet her. When they meet at the restaurant again they talk for about 2 hours again, mostly about the plans for her wedding. When she asks him if he's with someone, he admits that he hasn't been with anyone since her. She is very surprised and asks why he hasn't dated anyone. His answer is, I've been waiting for you. She tears up and asks why he's been waiting for her. He answers with a simple I love you so much that every other girl in the world pales in comparison.

Finally they leave and he goes home and finishes his last gal jug of moonshine. He then moves on to his 2 one liter whiskey bottles. Once he's finished all of that he decides to go to sleep. The next morning she tries to call him 3 times. When he doesn't answer she decides to go to his house. Upon arriving she notices that he lives in a single room trailer. Which confuses her because of the nice suits he wears to meet her. After knocking for an hour she decides to enter. Upon trying the door handle she finds it unlocked. As she enters she notices how quiet it really is. She finds him in his bedroom with a note in his hand.

She opens the note and reads "I'm sorry to have to put you through this. I want you to know that it wasn't your fault. My liver and kidneys were failing and I knew that I wasn't going to be much longer in this world. I do hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me for leaving you so suddenly. I'm so sorry that I hurt you so badly so many years ago. You were the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I have always loved you and know this; even my death won't stop my love, babygirl. I hope you're happy with your new husband. Just remember, live your life to its fullest, hun."

Crying she notifies the authorities who come and pick up his body. After performing the autopsy they declare it an accident. Only she knows about the note though. When she gets the notification that she is to attend the reading of his will she is a little shocked.

When she shows up at the lawyer's office and she is the only one there she is shocked and confused. The lawyer reads his will word for word "To my dearest and only true love, I leave all of my assets totaling in the amount of $2,450,000.00 along with my properties in Japan, Germany, China, Ukraine, Georgia-US, Texas, and North Carolina, as well as my lake property in Washington. I love you with all of my heart and soul and that won't even change in the afterlife hun. I hope you can forgive me for leaving you so soon. Please don't rush to join me. Take good care of your daughter and yourself hun." As she reads all of that she is shocked and then breaks down crying. Finally she composes herself enough to complete the signing of the papers. When she gets home she leaves her fiance and takes her daughter to one of his houses.

Upon arriving at the closest one she notices that it's a nice 5 bed place. All over the house are pictures of them together and then she begins to understand why he lived in such a small ratty trailer. He didn't want to live in one of his houses, they reminded him of her. On the bed in the master bedroom she notices 5 different notebooks laying out and numbered. As she opens them she begins to read why he waited for her for the last 30 years. As she begins to cry profusely her daughter walks in and tries to comfort her. As she tries to comfort her mother she begins to read the notebooks. Reading what he wrote in them she begins to cry as well. Finally they stop crying and all they can think to say is thank you to him even though he's gone. As they thank him she hears him say "Anytime baby girl, I love you so much."

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