The Unbelievable Man

by Sarah Lye

The house had been empty for years. I'd never thought that I'd have to move into my mother's worn out old manor, so in my mind that day was the day that hell froze over. I stood with a big old metal key at the main door and when I'd inserted the key into the medieval lock a piercing screech occurred, from that moment on I made notes to myself "need a new lock.' Once I'd given the door a good push, instead of opening like a normal door it fell off the hinges. "Need a new door' I corrected myself. As the day dragged on my list of problems to fix grew larger.

The next day I started early so that I could crack on with the many problems the "house" had. First I needed to wait for the handyman I'd employed. The doorbell rang.

"Hello, my name's chad, I'm the handyman." He said

I replied in a rushed pile of speech "if you'd come through I'll show you what needs doing."

I'd bought chad through the manor and shown him the continuous list of jobs that needed doing. His face would drop after every problem I shown him.

"You don't have to take the job." I tried to be re-assuring at the time.

"I'll take the job, you'll just be seeing me for a long time." he wiped his hands onto his trousers.

Six Weeks Later

"Chad, lunch is ready." I'd called up the stairs, after setting the lunches on the table I'd thought about the relationship that I had with the handyman and how everything had changed in the last six weeks. Chad had entered the kitchen declaring that he was "starving' so I'd motioned toward the table with our lunches on. It was after he'd thrown me over his shoulder that I'd fully understood what he'd meant. Once we were in the living room he put me down and caressed the side of my face. "I think I'm in love with you' he'd blurted out. If I wasn't so stupid I'd have said something but I was stunned by what he'd said so I ate my lunch in silence, then he left.

Two Months Later Than That

As I scanned the shelves looking for my favourite soup I thought about hiring a new handyman as it had been 2 months since Chad had last done any work on the manor and it was still looking a wreck. But to my surprise whilst going to grab the can of soup from the shelve another hand clashed into mine trying to get the same can, I'd looked up and it was him.

"Chad, I've been thinking about what you said and I want to say I love you too." That was the biggest mistake of my life, because Chad then threw himself onto me and held me in a passionate kiss that I did enjoy.

"CHAD! What are you doing?" a stern faced woman had shouted at him from out of nowhere.

"Angelina, this woman just threw herself at me." My face had probably dropped in shame and embarrassment then.

I closed the diary and burst into tears on my mother's lap.

"Why didn't Grandma tell us Mum?"

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