by Daniel Reece

I saw her smile for but a moment

She turned and walked into the fall

The rushing leaves of the coming autumn

Forbade me to go to the ball

This life, a lie, has all but ended

The simple truth is the ruse I live

To be a broken half hearted fool

Only her touch can forgive

My sin is lust as my heart betrays me

It beats only to draw her in

Without her it may beat no longer

Why was my heart not made of tin

Why of flesh so that it may ache

To see her in another's hold

Rip this blood pump from my chest

Deliver me to the darkness cold

Alas, my lass you've still left me

I sit in silence and await your voice

Siren call to me from the distance

Tell me I was your only choice

If not for the fact that we are fated

Since time before when the angels applaud

Destined to be kept apart

By the outstretched hands of a jealous God.

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