Fields of Gold

by Walter Stevenson

February 14th, 2003

Me and Michael got out of the car and walked towards the front door. His house was surprisingly smaller than mine even, but still looked good enough. I looked all around me, from the pine straw to the ground, and scattered pine cones, to the small pencil like pine trees scattered about.

(Adrien) Nice place...

(Mi...chael) Yeh well, my Mom does what she can...

We walked inside the house as I looked around. Brick walls, a dark red couch. There's just too many details to go into at this moment.

(Tonya) Megan! We're home...

From a corner across the room from me, I saw this woman of such beauty that I nearly fainted. She was 5'6, must've weighed around 100 pounds, had long black wavy hair, deep blue eyes, the smoothest skin I ever lied my two eyes on, two pink pillows of flesh for lips...Jesus. She walked up to me and I could only stare at that body.

(Megan) Hey Mom. Who's this?

That voice. If God was a woman, I'm pretty sure that was how she would sound. Dammit. I wish you could hear that voice. I felt that whatever ailment was bothering me at the time could be simply washed away just by the breath of her voice blowing against my undeserving skin.

(Tonya) This is Darlene and John's kid, Adrien.

She extended her hand and I looked at those peachy colored, long fingers, and I grabbed her hand. So soft and so cool. I almost felt like a vampire that just got a whiff of a person's scent, and it made my mouth water. This girl was above and beyond any woman I laid my eyes on.

(Adrien) How come I don't see YOU at school? I'd be more motivated to go.

Michael blushed as Tonya chuckled. Megan smiled, as her blue eyes lit up Christmas lights. Jesus. There HAD to be a God for a woman like this to exist!

(Megan) Thanks. But I am going to college in a couple of weeks. I graduated last year.

That is just my luck. I just got into high school...

(Adrien) Well I hope things go good for you...


(Michael) Let's go to my room and plunder a bit...

I smiled graciously as I made my curtain call, trying to cleanse my senses of this beautiful woman. It was hard for me to look back, and for some reason...I felt like-If I didn't, it would be long, long, time before I would ever see her again. So I took one last glance at Megan's angelic face before I left, lest thine eyes forgot sooner than later.


Michael's room had to be the biggest room in the house, especially with the massive black steel bunkbead. Everywhere I look, stuff was scattered everywhere. And I thought my room was messy.

(Michael) So um...what do you want to do first? Watch a movie, play a game? What?

(Adrien) I don't know...what kind of movies you got?

Michael stood still for a second, as I watched his face. I heard a faint sound of a door closing when he suddenly rushed over to his door, closed it and locked it.

(Adrien) What-in- the-hell are you doing?....

He turned to me and grabbed a remote-control and pushed a button. I turned my head towards the tv, and the screen popped as I saw a man and woman naked, having rough sex. I gasped, turning my head back towards Michael in shock, hissing at him.

(Adrien) What-in- the-HELL are you thinking? I didn't come here to see-

I shook my head back and forth, throwing my had at the tv.

(Adrien) THIS!

Michael walked past me hissing back.

(Michael) I thought 15 years olds did this kinda stuff.

Ouch. MOST 15 year old do this kind of stuff. But I don't equate into the MOST percentile. Okay, now this is going too far...

(Adrien) I think your-

(Michael) I'm wh-

We both stopped and looked at the tape as we heard the woman moan and scream as we saw a man's fingers deep into the woman's "cooter" as I heard my uncles call it, shaking them violently as a geyser like stream of thick white looking liquid squirt out a foot up in the air. Afterwards I saw the man lick it off her skin into his mouth. I immediately felt that nagging ache between my legs again. God...

(Adrien/Michael) Wow...

Common sense smacked me in the head as I dashed over towards the vcr and stopped the tape, and ejected it, noticing it had Megan's name on it.

(Michael) What are you doing?

(Adrien) I am NOT going to get in trouble for this kind of sh-stunt your pulling! I'm taking this tape with ME!

(Michael) If you take that tape, I'm telling my Mom about it...

I walked over to Michael with a deadpan look on my face. His sister's name was on the bottom on a white piece of tape.

(Adrien) Go ahead. But I think Megan's gonna have something to say about it...

I laid the tape on the counter and started pacing back and forth.

(Michael) What's wrong?

(Adrien) I got this ache in my pants again. I used the bathroom at the football game...

Michael cocked his head at me smiling.

(Michael) I know what your talking about. My friends tell me it's something called a "hard-on" or something. They told me doctors do this to their patients or something when they get old enough. Take your pants off. I raised my eyebrows. What's taking my pants off got anything to do with this ache?

(Adrien) Whatever...

Dammit I should've known better. I should've KNOWN BETTER. I took off my pants, sliding 'em off my legs. Michael switched off the light.

(Adrien) Why did you switch off the light? Don't you need to see?

(Michael) Your hairy enough as it is Adrien. Alright...take off your underwear and just lay down and let me take care of it.

I didn't know what Michael was doing, but I just hoped it wasn't a prank of some sort. I pulled off my underwear as Michael ran his fingers between my legs. I laid down, as my eyes went everywhere.

(Michael) Your gonna feel some spit and maybe some pressure, but just relax. If it begins to hurt tell me.

(Adrien) Alright...?

I felt a warm liquid slosh over my penis as I felt a warm gust of breath, and a small pressure hit me. God it felt good. 30 seconds passed as I thought of Tonya, Megan, and that chick who gushed when I felt this wave of intense pleasure hit me. I gasped as I felt my penis shook with a life of its own. I immediately got scared. What just happened?! I backed up from Michael in shock, thinking something was wrong with me as I saw a tiny puddle of milky white liquid on Michael's face. Oh God!

(Adrien) What is that...that stuff?!

(Michael) Oh gross Adrien! You just sneezed on my face! That's the germs! It's like when you sneeze, the stuff stimulates the nose until it sneezes...except it feels REAL good when your penis "sneezes". I never understood that...dammit.

I was curious. I saw that man on the tape lick off the germs off of that woman...maybe it tasted good, I don't know. I ran my fingers across Michael's face and put it in my mouth. This couldn't be germs or anything like that, cause it tasted good.

(Michael) Hey Adrien...I got the ache too, wanna help me?

(Adrien) Yeh...

So Michael took off his pants and underwear as I saw his penis, which was much larger than mine in comparison. I wondered would I be able to fit it into my mouth.

(Michael) Lick it with your tongue...

I stuck my tongue out like a brainless lamb and licked his penis up and down like a sucker. After a couple of seconds I put it into my mouth and began curing him. Maybe I could do this thing for a living. I hope you don't need a college degree for this kind of stuff. That would literally SUCK. It came easy, like a second nature it seemed. After a minute, he finally sneezed, but I kept my mouth open for his stuff, just so I could taste the sweetness again. He looked at me bewildered after his stuff had shot in my mouth.

(Michael) Gross Adrien! You let me sneeze in your mouth!?

I curled my tongue as I swallowed the stuff.

(Michael) Now you done and contracted Aids!

I looked at him with confusion in my eyes...

(Adrien) What is that?!

(Michael) I don't know! Let me call one of my friends!

Michael got off the bed putting on his underwear and pants back on as he ran out of his room towards a phone. With the door open I knew it would be better to put my clothes on. I waited for a minute. Then Michael finally came back in the room, his eyes full of intense fear.

(Adrien) So?

(Michael) Adrien...we need to talk-right now.

Michael closed the door and locked it as he sat on the bed next to me.

(Michael) I just called Renaldo, one of the guys who told me about the cure...and he lied to me! That black bastard lied to me!

My eyes went everywhere, trying to find out what the hell he meant by that exactly.

(Adrien) He lied to you? About what?!

(Michael) That snake Renaldo! He told me we just gave each other oral sex! He says we're gay!

(Adrien) What about the Aids part?

Michael started punching me everywhere, even landing a hit on my head a couple of times. Clearly he was not joking.

(Michael) Forget about the God-dang Aids part! We just gave each other-...

He grabbed my shoulders as he looked deep into my eyes with those blue eyes like his sister's.

(Michael) We can never, NEVER speak of understand me?

Really? I may not be A and B honor roll smart, but damn, his lack of faith insults me.

(Adrien) Okay...but does that mean-....we...have to...stop this?

He looked down...then to his left, then up, then back at me-

(Michael) I-I don't know. I don't think we have too. I mean...just because two boys do this sorta thing doesn't mean we're gay, right?

(Adrien) God no! I hear from my uncles all the time about girls who do this kind of stuff and they're not gay!

(Michael) Exactly!...College girls!

Suddenly there was an awkward silence between us...

(Adrien) So there anything else sexual you know about?

(Michael) I overheard my sister talking about... somebody doing her in the ass?, or something like that...

(Adrien) What does it feel like?

(Michael) I guess like taking a crap over and over again...

Wow. If that's what if felt like for real, then I would've liked that. 'Cause any guy I know knows what a good dump feels like, and if you could repeat that process over and over again...well that could be become a hobby of sorts.

(Adrien) Do you think you could...I don't that to me?

(Michael) Um...I don't know about that. I mean, I-this is so sudden... much for that.

(Adrien) What if you just stick your fingers-

(Michael) No!

Son of a...this kid is starting to bore me to tears...after doing this, everything else seems so pointless.

(Adrien) I'd do it to you!....

A look of shock washed over his face.

(Michael) You would?

(Adrien) I guess...

No. No. No. No! I had to stop this nonsense. I got up and left the room so I could call my dad. This was ridiculous. I didn't need to be doing this. No 'effin' way.

(Michael) Where are you going?

(Adrien) I'm going home...

Michael got up, closed the door, locked it, grabbed me and kissed me, sticking his tongue in my mouth. My hands, so weak in the flesh, begin touching his body, his hips, his ribs, his back. My tongue begin to receive him back. No! NO! Stop it..stop it! Dammit, I was weak! Oh God, this boy was a shepard for the devil! And I couldn't stop him! I tried with all of my might to stop him...and with one good push, shoved him unto the bed.

I didn't want to quit, but dammit, I couldn't allow this to happen. I unlocked the door, opened it and walked into the living room. I grabbed the phone and dialed my home phone number. Tonight I had crossed the line, and whatever damage had I or Michael done was going to reveal its ugly face in the futures to come. But Michael was right about something: Neither me NOR him could ever talk about tonight, which Ironically was Valentine's day. Go figure. Now I had a NEW reason to scourge this day, and it was for the complete opposite reason it had been all my life. Somebody had like me...just a tad bit too much...

I tried to make it through the rest of the mundane weekend, my mind pacing forward at a thousand light years, going in different directions. I watched that porn movie every time I got a "hard on", to which I was beckoned to "cure" myself, to which I did successfully. I had discovered something so splendid, special. It was a little thing called sex, and I had to learn all I could about it.


I sat in my usual usual, browsing on the internet. I didn't know where to start, or how TO for that matter. The last thing you want to happen is for somebody to see what your looking' at, especially if it's sexual. Thank God we had a substitute teacher today. God must've looked down on me and smiled. Whenever we had substitutes, we never do any work, and we would all just talk and gossip. But today I had to abandon all the gossip, and educate myself. Thank God Kevin was next to me. I leaned over to Kevin and whispered to him.

(Adrien) Hey Kevin, where do you go when you want to learn about sex? I mean, you know...on the computer...

What in the hell happened to me? I went from being a prude to asking KEVIN of all people about sex! Jesus...

(Kevin) Wikipedia dot com...just type in Sex in the white box...or whatever your looking for. Why? Met a girl?

(Adrien) Sorta...

So I moved the mouse towards the top bar and typed in the address. After clicking SEARCH, this...mostly white page showed up. I ignored all the details as I went into the white box and typed in the word sex. SEARCH. I looked to my left and slightly all around me to see if anybody was brown-nosing me. Nobody. Good. The page loaded up as I started scanning down the page...blah, blah, blah. I soon came to the conclusion that maybe I wanted to be more specific and not so vague with my search.

So I typed in sex acts and clicked on SEARCH again. A list of things came up as I began reading down the list of descriptions in blue. My eyes cliff-noted every act, and I became fascinated with the subjects. I moved on to other subjects like fetishes, like those with transsexuals, men who later became women, and those that dealt with pregnant chicks. I remember I was young when I saw my first pregnant woman, she was my cousin by marriage and for some reason my eyes could not stop gazing at her huge belly. I was so attracted to her...


Kevin and the boys were heckling me.

(Kevin) Who's the girl Adrien?

(Paul) Yeh tell us...

I sighed.

(Adrien) Her name's Michelle-Megan, Megan...that's her name.

(Kevin) What does she look like?

(Kyle) Does she have a big ass?

I scoffed. What pigs. Then again, who am I call a pig when I had just spent an hour reading about sex? Gosh, I am a pig too! I love girls with big fat asses though...

(Adrien) Compared to your thing it is...

(Kevin) Dick Adrien. Dick. That's what you call it.

(Adrien) Yeh...somebody like YOU would know what to call it...

Here I was making a gay joke at Kevin when it was really me who-

(Michael) Hey guys...

Oh no. It's him. I immediately froze. Think! Think! Act natural. What's natural? You never been natural! Just be yourself. Hell, just don't say nothing at all. Just react.

(Kevin) Hey Michael. Adrien's got this hot chick he's planning on banging named Megan.

Kevin Hardy, you undependable jackass...

Michael's eyes opened wide as he turned his head towards me. I knew I had been caught.

(Michael) What does she look like, Adrien?

Quick. Distraction. Look around. Okay, I see Taylor walking past the table. Quick! Insult him!-don't do that-just call something!

(Adrien) Hey Taylor!

He turned around as I got up with my book bag and walked towards him. Jesus. I got up next to his side, whispering to him, as we walked.

(Adrien) Just act like we're talking. Kevin and the boys are nagging me about this girl I made up...

(Taylor) Why'd you make up a girl? What? Your a virgin or something?

(Adrien) Yeh, I am. So lynch me.

(Taylor) Ease it up with that kinda talk, we got a lot of black people around here...

(Adrien) What? You ain't got something to say-no smart ass comment? What, I'm right here!...

We kept walking. I was surprised Taylor didn't tell me to 'eff off yet. He looked back at the table.

(Taylor) They're following us...stay here and shut up.

What was I, his ever loving dog-

(Taylor) Hold this-

As he handed me his book bag, he turned around as Kevin, Kyle and Paul stopped suddenly.

(Taylor) Your following me now?

I could sense fear hanging above Kevin, Kyle and Paul like a thundercloud bursting with lightning.

(Kevin) No!...we were following Adrien...honestly...

(Taylor) Yeh? Well maybe he doesn't want y'all heckling him about somethings that's private. So go.

(Kyle) Maaaan...of ALL the people to "stand up" for Adrien-

(Taylor) What?-

I couldn't believe it. Was Taylor, the person who tormented me my entire freshmen year, now sticking up for me?

ME, of all people?

(Taylor) That's what I thought. Now go and eat before I feed y'all myself...

Kevin, Kyle and Paul sucked their teeth at Taylor as they walked away from us.

(Adrien) Taylor!? W-Wh-Why did you do that?

(Taylor) Maybe I like ya'...I don't know. I-um...

He stammered, shaking his head, as he stood still for a second, before leaving. I yelled out to his name, but he just ignored me. The bell rung as I began walking to my next class.


I got off the bus and walked towards the front of my house as some of my friends waved goodbye at me. Being the polite person I was, I waved back smiling. I saw a black jeep in the driveway. I figured it must've been one of my parents many friends. I walked up the steps, and opened the front door as I walked in. The first thing I saw was Michael's mother Tonya sitting at the table in one of the chairs. Oh God. Michael told her...everything. That snake. We made a promise. Act cool. Lie. Lie as if your god-dang future depends on it, because it freaking does...

(Adrien) Hey Mrs. Sawyer. How are you doing?

Christ Jesus, Mother Mary and Joseph she can see your putting on a god-dang face! Lie better!

(Tonya) I'm good. I just wanted to bring Michael over here so he could apologize for starting that fight the other night. He didn't mean to. He's been stressed out about his science project as of late.

I turned my head towards the hallway that led to my room and froze. Please tell me Michael wasn't here. Please! I saw Michael. Mother-

(Adrien) Thanks Mrs. Sawyer. I'll go talk to him.

Feigning a smile, I sighed as I prepared my walk to death, the hallway, the plank, my room, shark infested waters for which the aquatic beasts could tear my body asunder. Made it down the we go...step into the room...and close the door.


Michael got up off the bed and got into my face.

(Michael) Why you did you leave me all of a sudden the other night?

I brushed past him, against his shoulder as I dropped my book bag down, jumping on the bed. I grabbed a book and pretended to read it.

(Adrien) Don't talk to me.

(Michael) kiss me like that and then you just leave me when I'm feeling like I want your body up against mine!

God I wish I could've avoided the whole situation. Dammit, I was aching for his body against mine, but I didn't want to give in. I wanted to cry because Michael had made me feel love. They say it's better to have loved and lost than to never had loved at all, right? They don't know what they're talking about.

I wish Michael never introduced me to sex, I wish I was ignorant, and naive, and I wish Michael didn't have these feelings for me. Now when I think of that body, I want to kiss him all over, grope him, feel his wet tongue against mine. I wanted to cry so bad. I was in hell. Pure hell because I was denying my desires, and I was being damned for it. Goddammit.

I got off the bed, grabbed Michael by his hips and threw him on the bed, I climbed on the bed, wrapping my arms around him, as I kissed those lips of his. Suddenly I heard footsteps down the hall. God!

(Adrien) Break up, break up!

In the second it took us to separate, I could feel a terrible ache erupting between us.

(Adrien) Michael...we can't be in the house doing this...we gonna have to go outside somewhere and do this.

(Michael) But where?

(Adrien) I got a good idea...

My mind went off into another direction.

(Adrien) Hey Michael?

(Michael) What?

(Adrien) Do you know what...pussy...feels like?

(Michael) What's...pussy?

Now I know good and will this boy can't be that stupid.

(Adrien) The thing-you know, vagina, va-jay-jay...kitty...

(Michael) Oh! uncle told me it's like peach...when its warm that is...why?

I grinned a little at Michael...

(Adrien) I got an idea. Hold up...

I got up off the bed, opened the door, walked down the hall and into the kitchen, grabbing me two peaches, and a knife from the drawer.

(Darlene) What are y'all doing?

(Adrien) Just talking...

(John) What are y'all doing with them peaches? You don't eat peaches...

I smiled coyly as my mind answered back...These peaches aren't for eating...

(Adrien) Michael told me they taste real good...

I went back towards my room as I closed the door.

(Adrien) Alright Michael. We're going somewhere...

(Michael) Where?

(Adrien) To the Arlenton cemetery...

(Michael) Cemetery!-

(Adrien) Boy hush-

I walked over to the bed and grabbed his wrist, yanking him off the bed, as he followed me from behind. We made out way down the hall into the kitchen as I explained our future endeavors.

(Adrien) Um...Michael and I are going to the cemetery to look around. It's such a pretty day.

(John) Want me to drop y'all off there?

(Adrien) Um...

I looked at Michael, trying to read his face, as to whether or not we should allow him to drive us there...

(Adrien) Sure...


After hitching a ride from dad, we walked towards the cemetery, looking for a good spot to lay down at. Everywhere I looked, my eyes flooded with the sights of acid-washed tombstones, tall oak trees with moss hanging from their arms, rusty reddish brown gates surrounding unkempt family plots, amongst other things. We kept walking towards the far back so that way if we heard somebody, we would have enough time to run. We reached the last massive oak tree and we sat down and went over how we were gonna do this thing.

My heart was beating so fast. And I couldn't help but to think to myself. Adrien, are you really gonna sexually stimulate a boy in the middle of a cemetery? When you die, how are you gonna explain this to Jesus? Won't THAT be fun...

(Adrien) Alright Michael...what we're gonna do is we're gonna cut out a hole in these things, right? Then, we are gonna fit 'em over our...dicks...and we're gonna...jack each other off...I'm gonna do you first, alright? Then you do me, okay?

(Michael) Um....okay....

(Adrien) Let's strip you naked...

I grabbed his shirt and pulled it off, as the sun glowed on his skin, smooth beige marble. I untied his shoestrings, pulled off the shoes and tossed them aside. Then I pulled off his socks, then his pants, and finally his underwear. I gazed at his naked body with awesome wonder, as I crawled towards him, leaving one of the peaches out in the sunlight to warm up a bit. We kissed as my fingers rolled across his soft cool skin of his hips, unto his back, then downward to his soft sweet ass as my fingers dug deep, squeezing. I pulled away from him as I glanced at his dick which was now hard and alive. I took the knife and plunged it through the peach, twisting the blade in wide circles so that it could better fit Michael. Drops of juice dripped from the punctured hole I left in the heart of that peach as I hung it over Michael's dick and slowly pushed it downward. Michael moaned intensely as I got it onto the long thick shaft (I think that's what they call it). And Michael laid down as I grabbed the peach with my right hand and I began to jack him off. My eyes could not take themselves off of Michael's dick, as a coat of wet juice rolled over his shaft as the sun glared onto his skin. I lowered my head down near his hairy balls and I picked 'em up with my tongue and sucked 'em into my mouth. While I rolled my tongue over his balls, like a swarm of tidal waves in a thunderstorm, I could smell his essence flying off from the bright brown barbwire curls of his pubic hair. Michael moaned as I listened to his words...

(Michael) Oh God...shit...shit...yes...Oh Adrien I love you...I love you...God yes...

I never expected to hear the words God, shit, and Adrien in the same sentence...I must've been doing something right. Apparently it felt so good, that Michael was now begging me to go faster and faster...

(Michael) Oh God, Adrien! The sickness is coming! It's coming!

How sweet "The sickness is coming!" sounded to my ears, and oh how sweet was his sickness gonna taste when he wept it on my wet pink tongue. With a furious delight, my hands wrapped around that peach and fluttered like a hummingbird, until that sweet white honey sickness squirted against my face, particularity on my nose and lips. I bent over to Michael's lips and kissed him. He didn't mind tasting the sickness, and I didn't mind sharing this intimate moment with him either.

But now it was MY turn, and boy I couldn't wait for this to happen any longer. I quickly undressed as I laid before Michael with my little hard on...damn. I read about that TOO on the internet. It seemed as if every part of me was fat beside the part that mattered the most. But whatever. Michael took the peach left untouched and gutted a hole in it and pushed it down on my dick as I laid back, enjoying the warm sunlight on my face as I felt this wet warm inviting sensation that pleased me. Oh God I could feel it...and for once, to be able to lay on my back and not do anything was even better.

Here we were, Adam and Steve, in the Garden of Sodom, not eating of the fruit from the tree of knowledge, but making love to one another with it. God...

A minute passed as I could feel it. Every guy knows what I'm talking about. That moment when you know when your on the verge...and for a guy like me who climaxes too easy, the moment is too tempting to stop.

(Adrien) Faster Michael...Faster!

It was coming...yes, yeS, yES, YES, YES! And there it went into the orange wet viscera of the peach as my chest heaved back and forth in little tiny bursts.

(Adrien) Get on top of me Michael...I wanna hold you...

Michael didn't oblige one bit, as he climbed on top of me, his cool naked flesh against mine. I wrapped my arms around him and held him tight. I never wanted to let him go. He was the snake, and my heart was the ankle in which he bit.

(Adrien) I love you Michael...I love you so much. Promise me we'll always be together, that we'll have each other no matter what...


Me and Michael were walking through fields of gold, the wheat strands were so beautiful this time of year, as they glowed with a golden touch as if Jesus supplied the touch himself.

(Adrien) Hey Michael?

(Michael) Yeh?

(Adrien) I'm glad we're with one another, I just want to make sure we don't let sex become the main thing, you know? Your a cool person and everything. I want to be friends with you.

I looked at his face for a response and he looked worried, almost offended, even.

(Michael) I thought we were friends...


(Adrien) I'm not saying we weren't. I'm just saying my definition of friendship doesn't equate to casual sex.

He busted out laughing, which made me feel good.

(Michael) Oh! Sorry about earlier-I-hahaha!...

We both stopped as the golden wheat strands swayed back and forth in the soft cool wind, enjoying the sensation our skin was feeling.

(Michael) So what do you want to do now?

(Adrien) I know. Let's go back to the house and play some video games. Tomorrow's Sunday, and I've being forced to go to church....ugh...

(Michael) I know. My mom's a religious nut. She belongs in a tree.

What?! I fell over in a burst of laughter from that one.

(Adrien) Your insane...c'mon lets go hitch a ride...

We walked to the edge of the road and threw our thumbs out, hoping somebody would stop. Lucky for us, a black pickup truck stopped by. We got in the truck as it drove off.

(Jayme) Where you boys heading off too?

(Adrien) My house...right across the railroad tracks up the road here like a mile...I think. What's your name?

(Jayme) Jayme Compton.

I looked at him as his eyes looked at Michael. He had that lonesome creepy look that most child molesters have, and it worried me. I hope to hell this man wasn't gonna try anything. My roller coaster went from high as a kite to as low as a coffin. Let's just hope the coffin part stays in the metaphor...


The truck stopped at my house as Michael and I quickly got out.

(Adrien) Thanks...

I felt I had to be generous to the guy for not molestin' us outright. Michael and I walked across the road towards the front yard, as the truck left like a phantom warlord who had just spared us our lives. Across the yard we went, up the brick stairs, as I opened the door. He walked inside as I followed him from behind.

There was my dad sitting at the table, reading a newspaper, facing the door, obviously waiting for us.

(John) Hey and Michael were gone for awhile, we were starting to send out a search party...

Thank God he was joking. I hope he was joking. Imagine the total embarrassment we would've had on our hands if they found us naked in a cemetery jacking each other off with peaches. Damn, when you summarize it up like that, it makes me wonder if small towns should even be legal. You have to be BORED to end up doing something like that. The scary thing is, we just did it for fun. God, is everybody from the south crazy? I'm a pig. No, no, make that a boar. And that rhymes with whore. I am a boar whore. A whore boar. That sounds better. I am a whore boar!

(Michael) Adrien...Adrien!...

Huh? Oh-Michael was shrugging my shoulder. I had lost my train of thought once again.

(Adrien) Yeh?

(Michael) I thought we were gonna play some of your games?

I smiled.

(Adrien) Yeh, yeh-I forgot. Sorry.

(John) What's up Adrien? I ain't seen you smile like that in a while...

(Adrien) Oh..we were just walking in fields of gold.

Me and Michael walked down the hall, as if nothing happened at if.

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