I see these faces everywhere I go.

They take form in the shape of clouds and the ripples in the river.

They say 'Gav, son. How you gunna deliver?'

For a while, I did'nt know how to answer them.

It took time for me to learn how to handle them.

'Til one day, I looked up at them and said

'I'm gunna pin my critics to the walls and throw darts at 'em,

I'm gunna kick my haters in the balls and then,

I'm gunna take all their shots and scream back 'Is that all you got?'

And then I'm gunna lean back and smile at 'em'

They said 'Damn son, I guess you're ready now.

You're all grown up and steady now.'

I replied 'Stop right there, O knowledgeable one.

If you knew anything, you'd know I've been ready since day one.'

And with that the ripples ran the river bear.

And the clouds parted till the sun blinded my dumb founded stare.

And while the heat blazed upon my ageing crown,

Turning my smile into a frown.

A gust of wind brushed pass my brow,

and a voice whispered

'Gav son. . . You are ready now.'

Copyright G.Connolly 2005

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