by Ayesha75

TRUST (From my journal "OUTSIDE LOOKING IN")

by Ayesha

What happens when my hair turns gray?

When wrinkles etch my face?

When these white pearls fall out some day?

When my breasts sag out of place?

What happens when my legs can't walk?

and I dribble as I chew?

When I grow weak, too sick to talk

and no longer can satisfy you?

What happens when my vision goes?

When I go numb and deaf?

What will happen, do you suppose

When dreams are all that's left?

Would you so willingly hold my hand

and gaze into my feebled eyes?

Will you still care and understand

that my aging is no surprise?

Will you still love me just as much

as you certainly do today?

Will you stick by me, thick and thin

to share my dying days?

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