We: Myself & I

by Ayesha75

WE: MYSELF AND I (From my journal "OPEN WOUNDS")

by Ayesha

"We" is full of mischief, while

"Myself" is mischief-free,

"I" reeks of compassion,

Neither one of these is "me."

"We" resorts to violence, while

"Myself" will offer peace,

"I" will act as referee,

'Til all "we's" angers cease.

"We" will speak of hatred, while

"Myself" will speak of love,

"I" will quietly listen to

Whatever you're speaking of.

"We" will never like you, while

"Myself" most likely will,

"I" will surely stick by you

Through thick and thin. . .until.

"We" will impinge sorrow, while

"Myself" will rid it out,

"I" will offer lessons on

What good faith's all about.

"We" will make you angry, while

"Myself" will make you smile,

"I" will sit and hold your hand

And chat with you a while.

"We" is "me" in hiding, while

"Myself" is "me" and "my,"

Entities reflected as

"We: Myself and I.

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