Satin Kisses

by Ayesha75

SATIN KISSES (From my journal "SATIN ROSES")

by Ayesha

Bound like stone, so mesmirized!

I heed so intensely, with tears in my eyes

to your dulcet vibes, Virtuoso man

sensuously tickling your ivory grand!

Heightened by sweetly orgasmic sounds

swooping, and swirling, and twirling around

my helpless, forlorn, frenzied head,

teasing me senseless, to states unsaid!

These saddened dewdrops from my eyes,

this sweet aching wetness between my thighs!

Passion rends inside of me,

my hearts beats wildly, savagely. . .

whenever I hear you tickle your grand--

I love you, my sweet Virtuoso man.

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