Fantasy Dreams

by Ayesha75


by Ayesha

You know what I think about when I'm alone

here in this fantasy world of my own?

A simple, sweet stroll just around the ol' block

to rid of this chair and to get up and walk.

The strength and the courage to pick up a broom

to sweep up this dirt in my dust-laden room.

To steal a few short, blissful four-hour naps

unmeddled by volts of electrical zaps.

A longing to rise and to make my own bed,

to run from these demons inside of my head.

To wash, and to comb, and to brush my own hair.

To keep myself spotless, to master self-care.

To see a rare movie, to visit the zoo,

all of the things that seem trivial to you.

To mingle amongst the living once more,

just to be able to step out my door!

To cook a nice meal without breaking a plate,

to eat all the curry my stomach can take.

To shop for my food and necessities,

to spend my own money, as much as I please.

To put on my clothing without any aid,

give into the urge for which passion is made.

To visit a lighthouse and ocean again

to live through just one day without any pain.

Just dreams that I dream about most of the time,

with hopes to come true, these sweet longings of mine.

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