Elusive Mist

by Ayesha75

ELUSIVE MIST (From my journal "SATIN ROSES")

by Ayesha

Something spectacular happened today!

I was stealed by emotions, then whispered away

to a place long forgotten where I used to play,

attending sky shows on a clear sunny day.

Now soft misted vapors of shadows arise,

awed as I watched you materialize

emerging from curtains of soft purple mist--

I never knew passion could look quite like this!

Our eyes intertwined, at this moment time ceases,

our hearts are but one, our love bonding increases,

weakened by sounds that erupt from your lips--

I never knew passion could sound quite like this!

Just you and me in our own little space,

touched by your songs and your beautiful face,

aching from loving you more than you know--

these memories of you I can never let go.

Then, poof! just as suddenly as you appeared

you swiftly distorted, your stage disappeared

by envious winds that disrupted our dream,

"This cannot be happening!" I wanted to scream.

I cried as you twisted and floated from me,

desperately clinging, my sweet reverie!

helpless, I watched the last trailings of mist. . .

I never knew passion would hurt quite like this.

Until next time, my elusive love--

until next time . . . good-bye.

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