by Geoff Foden

I bounced back, sure, until my head hit the wall

I kept on trying to escape it, but it hit me even more

Pour all your scorn on me, if that is really what you wish

But I already drown in a sea that once had a billion fish

'Count your blessing on one hand', can't see fingers on a fist

Use the leaves for counting all the opportunities you missed

Do you have any regrets? I carry mine around my neck

My lodestone that drags me back, should I perchance forget

Do you hate yourself at lights out when you think you have failed

Do you start again, or give in when you think your ship has sailed

I must walk away, board up the door, and dispose of every key

There cannot be a way back, and no return to this for me

Can I pick myself up with both feet nailed to the floor?

Could I leave a prison cell if no-one built a door?

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