What Really Happened

by Kennard LaJuan

After opening the door of my cab, Gina grabbed her bags out the back and hurried into the house with a smile on her face to see her husband. Ironically, it was only an hour earlier that she walked out the house with a clinched fist, a gym bag, and tears in her eyes.

I was driving down Fenkell when I saw her waving fanatically on the side of the road. Her big butt and super sized breast jumping up and down are really what got my attention. (What can I say? I'm a cab driver. I'm not blind.) When I pulled over she quickly hopped into the back seat of my cab demanding that I take her to the bus station. I pulled off, shortly after she was crying uncontrollably.

"Excuse me, are you alright?" I asked, after turning and opening the glass window in between us.

She quickly wiped her eyes, and ran her fingers through her hair a couple times trying to fix herself up.

"It's nothing. I'm ok," she said sniffling.

"Com'mon I ain't that blind," I said jokingly, hoping she would at least crack a smile.

"Can you please just get me to the bus station?" she politely insisted.

One of the biggest rewards I got from being a cab driver was helping people with their problems. However, I realized she wasn't in the mood for small talk. I turned back around and kept driving down Fenkell until I reached the freeway headed to the downtown bus station.

She sat in the back of the car thinking about everything that had just transpired, and with each thought she clinched her fist tighter and tighter.

"What's your name?" she eventually asked, out the blue.

Looking into the rearview mirror I looked into her eyes.

"I'm Darryl," I replied.

"Nice to meet you Darryl. I'm Gina."

"So you're ready to talk now?"

"I guess, but it's really not a whole lot to say. My husband's screwin somebody else," she said plainly.

"O-kaySo what you caught him knockin boots in y'all bed or somethin?" I asked, now all up in her business.

"I didn't need to," she responded. "I found these next to the couch."

Gina opened her hand showing me the orange g-string she had balled up inside."

"Well maybe it's not what it looks like," I suggested.

"Whatever! Maybe it's exactly what it looks like!" she snapped back.

"Okay my bad."

"I'm sorry," she said calmly. "You just don't know Chris."

"I know he must not be too bright if he's got a beautiful wife like you at home and he's messing around."

"Thank you. You're a sweetheart."

"So where are you going anyway?" I asked, trying to steer away from what was obviously a sensitive subject.

"I don't know. I need to get a room so you can fuck the stress out of me," she said naughtily.

I stared at her for a moment through my rearview mirror, admiring everything I could see. Her hair cut in a short hairstyle, and had red streaks in it. They went well with her almond complexion and light brown eyes. She was an extremely pretty woman, wearing no make up at all. The only enhancement she had came in the form of lip-gloss, which laid across her lips making them appear wet and extremely kissable.

I gave a slight smirk as pondered the possibilities. It wasn't everyday that an attractive woman got into the back of my cab with huge tits, a fat ass, and a pretty face in need of someone to knock it out. This was like every cab driver's dream come true, but I didn't want to take advantage of this woman in her time of need.

"I'm sorry. I really can't leave my cab. But we can pull over and talk for a moment."

Gina smiled. "That's cool," she said.

I came up at the next exit and pulled over onto the side street. She joined me in the front of the cab. I was a little embarrassed. My shirt was un-tucked, pants were unzipped, and I just looked down right raggedy. She had already seen me so I saw no use in trying to fix my appearance, so I just listened as Gina told me about many affairs she believed her husband, Chris, was having. When asked why she never left him, she stated that she could never find any proof.


"Chris is a very thorough and very manipulative," I explained. "He's one of those people that can make any given situation go his way. That was a quality I both loved and hated. I remember when met. I had walked into an office for an interview. The girl at the front desk was so big she looked like she was about 13 months pregnant. It was no wonder they were going to need a replacement. After informing me that the company's president would be conducting my interview she pointed down the hallway.

"Go to the first office on you right and Mr. Mack will be with you shortly," she said.

I thanked her and walked into the hallway. I wound up following an aroma of soul food into the office the secretary had pointed out. When I walked inside the smell grew even stronger. There was a bag from, JJ's, a local soul food restaurant resting on his desk, but I quickly ignored that when I saw him sitting behind this huge wooden desk. My attention was quickly diverted when I saw Chris wearing a gray Sean Jean jogging suit. He looked about 19 years old. I remember being extremely impressed to see such a young and handsome man in such a powerful position.

"Are you here for the interview?" he asked.

"Yes Mr. Mack," I responded. "I'm Gina Simmons."

"Nice to meet you," he replied. "Please have a seat."

I took a seat in a black chair positioned in front of his desk. We briefly discussed the position in which I was applying for, but it didn't take long before he informed me that I wasn't the most qualified applicant. I really wanted the job, partially because I needed one, mainly because of him. He seemed like such a great guy. My only dilemma in addition to my lack of job skills, was the woman in the picture on his desk. I don't think she was his wife since didn't have a wedding ring on his finger, but you could never be too sure. I knew she had to be somebody important since her photo was in a frame with "My Love" etched on it. The woman had long hair, round face, and slanted eyes; looked like she may have been Asian. She was very pretty, but that didn't matter to me. I wanted her man, and I was gonna have him.

I picked her picture up off the desk.

"Is this your wife?" I asked, as if I cared.

He smiled. "That's my girlfriend Kim."

"She's cute," I commented.

"Yeah, but I bet she can't work it like you could," he said boldly.

I almost choked. I was about to seduce him, but now I was being seduced. His words had me speechless and all of a sudden I felt like a sheep staring into the eyes of a hungry wolf.

"Are you always this forward Mr. Mack?" I asked.

His only response was a smile.

I stood up, and placed my hands on his desk. Leaning towards him, I allowed my shirt to dangle and give him a clear view of what I was working with. Considering I wore a 38D I'd say he had an eye full.

"What about your girlfriend?" I asked.

"What about her?"


"Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha," Gina laughed, right in middle of her story.

"What? What happened next?" I eagerly asked.

"Calm down Mr. Cab Driver, I'm getting to the freaky part," she said playfully.

I smiled and Gina went on with her story.

"We wound up on top of his desk," Gina continued. "I was riding my way into his heart and possibly a job when the door opened.

"What the hell is going on here?" An older gentleman shouted.

Chris jumped up. "Oh Mr. Mack your food is on the table. And don't worry about the money. It's on the house," he said quickly as he pulled up his pants and hurried out the door.

I threw my clothes back on and ran out behind Chris without saying a word.

"I still can't believe that slick muthafucka talked me into having sex with him on somebody else's desk," Gina said laughing once again.

I joined her in laughter. "Sounds like one hell of a guy," I commented.

"Yeah he is. Me, you, and about a hundred other woman all think so," she said after a long sigh.

"Didn't you say he cheated on you before?"

"Yeah, I'm sure he did. He's always working long hours at his job, and always seems too busy to talk when I call."

"But if you ain't never caught him doing nothing, why automatically assume the worse?"

"Because I know my husband. He's extremely thorough. He'd never leave any evidence if he were doing something wrongand neither will I," she said with a wicked grin.

After coming up with what she thought would be the perfect plan to get even with her husband I drove her home.

When we reached her house Gina told me she didn't have enough money to cover the round trip we had made, so she was gonna run inside and grab the rest of it. I nodded. Gina grabbed her bag and walked into the house. She found her husband lying in the bedroom. After walking over to the bed she climbed on top of him and kissed him passionately. By the time they finished they were both nearly out of breath.

"What was that for?" he asked.

"Because you deserve it," Gina replied, with a sly grin as she began exiting the room.

"Oh really," he said apprehensively. "Come back here."

The hairs stood up on the back of her neck as she slowly turned around. While walking towards him Gina couldn't help but wonder what he was about to say. She was in arm's length when he began reaching underneath the bed. Her eyes were glued on his hand as he continued his search. She was totally surprised when he sat a Victoria's Secrets bag on the bed.

"This is what you deserve," he said with a huge smile. "I've been really busy at work lately and we haven't been able to spend much time together. I just wanted to make it up to you."

Gina looked at the bag and nearly bussed into tears. She pulled out two outfits, two lingerie sets, and an orange bra."

"Wait a minute," Chris said suddenly, after she had laid everything out across the bed. "There's supposed to be a pair of panties to match this orange bra."

Gina's eyes continued to fill with tears. She flashed a gracious smile then went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. After allowing the water to run for a moment she stepped inside. As the water flowed down her body and began thinking about everything that had happened over the past hour. As she cleansed herself, tears of guilt began trickling down her face.

As Gina went through her emotion collapse in the shower, her husband laid in the bedroom with a look of satisfaction on his face, as I remained in the car patiently waiting for her to come back out. But after a while I put it behind me. So what she didn't come back out with the money. I tucked in my shirt, zipped up my pants and pulled off. After all, I had already been paid.

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