by Geoff Foden

What's happening - well in 1994

Britain cut third world aid to the poor

The Government increased sale of weapons

To Pol Pot regimes that kill and threaten

Arms exports to 4 million a day

While food and resources are faded away

Proud of Britain and its weapons deals?

The government says "Give" but really steals

Second largest arms dealer in the world today

We elected them all but have no say

What's the difference between us or illegally

Selling munitions like Cummings or Kashoggi?

In Nigeria 1000 Ogoni people were killed

For stopping oil companies stealing their fields

The country is in debt, arms are funded by banks

Britain has just sent 80 battle tanks

Nigeria's Military crushed Ogoni opposition

By using British weapons, British ammunition

Green, the colour of money

The colour that is ruling the world

Greed, a popular feeling

One that is ruining the world

Geoff Foden

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