Alone I Cry

by Jaystone

Alone I Cry

By Jaystone

They say a junkies like the setting sun,

Maybe I've learned from my mistakes?

Then again I fool myself

At times I desire such a forlorn mess

Can't say I'm depressed

Though I wish I could

Would I then be a liar if I said I don't consider drugs?

Of course I would you know.

It's hard for a man broken to walk without a crutch.

All I ever dreamed was freedom to be revealed.

Is this too much to ask?

Afraid of the go ahead task.

Scared to die, yet scared to live.

Stuck in this mire

I feel like a man forsaken

My souls for sale but can I be mistaken?

Help me in my mind

Allow me to realize

That I can overcome this fear inside

Yet alone I cry, alone I cry.

Scared too live, yet scared too die.

I am a walking paradox.

Such an answer can't be wrought

But can it?

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