Love. Help! Me.

by Nena Iman

Help me: I'm in love.

Things are going too fast, just pause

My head is spinning from hate

Not the feeling towards him, but me.

I wonder if this will constantly reoccur forever.

This feeling I can do without.

I must remember that feelings are what humans can't live without,

Especially that emotion--translated into love.

When he comes, my heart seems to stop forever,

Even if it may be a little pause.

My body is taking over me;

Through anger I physically form hate

Though it is common to feel hate.

I wouldn't mind if I did live without

Hate. People may have thoughts about me

But I'm sure out of those thoughts comes love,

Because when they hate too much they pause,

Letting the loathing die forever.

Yet still no help. With my love for him lasting forever,

I will not have love dwell in self hate,

So that my affection might someday pause

As something I will live without

As I wait to be saved from love.

Will the Irony of life have him save me,

Or can the only thing that can rescue me is me?

Urgh! I have been waiting here forever!

Damn this, this, this love!

If you put me out of my misery, I would not hate.

Life: this other problem I can die without.

I am going crazy, let me pause

Death will soon come. No need to pause.

The person I need to approach before I leave is me.

I am a fool to blame myself for what I can survive without.

Therefore, I should punish myself forever.

Oh! My eagerness to transform my love to hate.

Wait. But what is love?

"You define my love," he says, "But I had to pause.

I know your feelings towards us is not hate.

Now we are united forever. Adversity we will live without."

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