I Saw It All

by Stephanie Andrews

"I didn't do it! You don't have proof you can't do this!" I scream at the top of my lungs. But all I get is an eye roll from the prosecutor across the room and an annoyed looking judge.

"Miss Haven, you were the only one that was found at the sight of the murder, and you still can't tell us who it was that killed her! So, unless you can tell us who else to question, you are sentenced for 30 years- life in prison". The judge gives me a serious look and then smacks her pallet on the small circle of wood. The courtroom disembarks and the two security officers assigned to me take me away.

Once out of the trial I find myself sitting in a chair at the police station while my security officers talk about where to take me. I can't help but think about how this started. I look out the window and see the sidewalk. It just reminds me of the terrible luck I had that night walking home. I keep staring out the window noticing how white the snow is, however as soon as I turn away because I am reminded of the blood stains sparkling on the snow that night. I look around the police station and see a blonde woman crying, her face looking so defenseless. Suddenly that's what does it. My mind starts yet another replay of that night. My head spins my eyes twitch, and I can't contain myself, I start balling my eyes out; the taste of salty tears running into my mouth, and the blur in my eyes that just won't go away. Suddenly, everything goes back.

I'm walking back from my best friend Rachel's house. I'm furious with her, she just confessed she why my boyfriend broke up with me two weeks ago. I stomp along the sidewalk noticing how the moonlight is illuminating the snow banks and the street looks almost plastic. Then I noticed the beautiful blonde girl ahead of me. Caroline Reynolds. I immediately got scared, reminding myself that Caroline was the most popular and rich girl at the school, and all she has done is made my friends and my life miserable all through high school. I looked around looking for a place to hide until she walked down another street, and luckily there was bush on my right side. I jumped in it, letting my tiny frame squish in between the branches. I looked along the sidewalk for Caroline, hoping to find her walk by. Within the corner of my eye, I saw her coming towards the push on the sidewalk; she was walking quickly and seemed a little jumpy. Now she was in full view, and right in front of my bush. I stayed as quiet as I could, just sitting there, but then I noticed something wasn't right. Caroline's arm had a large gash through it, and it was bleeding all over the sidewalk. Her usually perfect hair was a mess, and her gorgeous face had mascara streaks all down it. She must have been running from something, because she was out of breath and couldn't run any longer. She was paused in front of my bush, breathing hard and trying to catch her breath, suddenly a man in black suddenly grabbed me. He pulled me out of the bush violently and dragged me over to the nearest tree. With a knife in hand, he exclaimed, "You tell anyone about this your dead! I know who you are now, and trust me I won't forget!" He then stabbed my leg with his knife and left. I was stunned; I couldn't believe this was happening to me. Still in shock I knew I had to get to civilization, and unfortunately the only way was through the sidewalk. I crawled on the ground, unable to use my leg. By the time I got back to my bush, I saw the man in black stab Caroline in the heart, with the largest knife I had ever seen. Her eyes were huge, screaming at the top of her lungs as the blood poured out of her. She was so defenseless, so scared, it scared me to think of what could happen within the next minute. I tried my hardest to get to Caroline, but the harder I tried the more my leg hurt. I was only a few feet away from her when I heard the sirens of police and ambulance. I looked at Caroline, conscious for the last time, as she mouthed her last words, "I'm sorry". Then she was dead, gone forever. I looked around hoping the sirens would get here sooner, but nothing came. The only thing I saw was the black man standing in the forest watching me carefully. When he realized I saw him he mouthed the words, "Your next!" Then he ran away, for me never to see him again.

My eyes finally start to clear up, and I look around the room. No one is paying any attention to the tiny black haired girl, sobbing in the corner. No one cares about me. I try and pull myself together, but it doesn't work. Suddenly, the door creaks open to the police station. A man in black goes up to the desk. I hear him over everyone else, "Hello, where can I find Elyse Haven?" When I hear my name mentioned, I become incredibly scared, thinking about what the man in black said to me that night. The policeman at the counter pointed at me, and the man in black strolled over. He grabs my hand and whispers in my ear, "I told you, your next".

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