The Tattered

by Stephen Mabe

Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming

Screaming, screaming, screaming

Flying suddenly awake

Nightmare's journey partake

Blackening thoughts through night

Losing all beautiful sight

Pouring hate from within

Nibbling on wretched sin

No knowledge of that seen

Only flashbacks forged of keen

Terrors of memories from past

Raging so bloody and fast

Those bloody dreams finally come clear

And force a long, overdue tear

Searing flesh and a stench smell

Of those who have sadly fell

Terrors been long pushed away

Have now returned to stay

To tatter all of sanity

And strip away your vanity

Still waging though through

This war haunts you

Again trying to forget

The memories are set

Finished you are

Peace too far

Forever continue dreaming

Forever continue screaming

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