by Seb Astill

Kiss me goodbye

Tell me you love me and always will

Take my hand

Hold me close and close your eyes

Bow your head

A tear glistens and falls to the floor

Remove the machine

Hold me again bleeding tears of sorrow

I slip away

Drifting through columns of light

Slowly floating

Fading away from my pain and torment

Out of my shell

Free at last from the darkness that held me

Into the light

Released from the chains that broke me

Taken away

I hear them come and take you away

Why!? I cry

And realise what you've done

I scream to them

But in death they cannot hear me

I cry and weep

All you did was save me and release me


Welcomed you will be in this golden light

Warm and smiling

And no less an angel then you are now

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