The Ghost

by Seb Astill

"I know you". Said the shimmer of a ghost.

"You do?" He replied not knowing the voice.

"Indeed" It said. So shallow and broken.

"You're the one who left me for dead

on the bank of a river. So wet and so cold

And praying for my mother. You are the one

who corrupted my soul raped my hope

and made me old. It is you who took away my love

for anything I knew and took away my light

in each breath that you drew. You left only this hate

and this rage and this curse. You left me with

sorrow and empty thoughts of destruction.

I craved for chaos and bled for your sins.

To my grave I went but here I remain. So broken so

old and now for revenge. In your dreams I shall haunt you

and make you beg for your mother. Leave you with nothing

but the emptiness of rage. Upon yourself shall rain your own

destruction and after your death you shall remain.

Cursed like me but justified it shall be".

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