Vault 11 (Based on Popular Game Fallout 3)

by Cody Taylor


It started and ended on Saturday, October 23, 2077 when nuclear weapons were launched by all the nuclear-capable nations of the world (mainly from the United States, China and the USSR). The exchange lasted for approximately two hours, according to most survivors' accounts. Once the last atomic bomb and nuclear warhead had fallen, the world fell into the deep darkness of a nuclear holocaust.

October 23, 2077

Today we were told to go into the local Vaults. No one knew why but people guessed. But everyone found out when the Overseer , the leader of the Vault-Tec Vault, told us that America has been bombed. Katherine Stone was the Overseer of Vault 11, my vault. Most of the child members came from East Central Commonwealth. To be exact Lancaster, Ohio. Most of them went to Lancaster City Schools like me. Well that's all for now G.O.A.T tomorrow.

October 24, 2077

Every citizen in the Vault has to take the Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test or G.O.A.T when they reach the age of 16. I decided to skip the test but got in trouble by Katherine Stone.

October 25, 2077

My friend Shelby Stone woke me screaming that her mom sent guards to kill my dad best friend when my dad left the vault. She told me that i need to leave the vault or I'm going to be killed just like Bob. So I packed my things and got ready to leave the vault. But some of the guards tried to stop me but failed. When the giant door to vault 11 open I ran out. I looked for a place to rest but every house looked like a bear tore it to pieces. I saw something that looked like a wrecked boat. I headed toward it. When I got there a man in a white suit asked me if I was okay and if I need a place to sleep. He lead me to the common house and I slept there.

October 29, 2077

I haven't wrote in my journal for a while because nothing else really happened till the enclave showed up.

Part 2 coming soon.

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