by Lauren Marie

more than

lips, hips, and tits

you are

all the edges of blades that

words and actions have dragged

across the silence of any

connection we might have once had and

the way you make us all believe

we are the only thing that exists

in your heart and

last night i dreamed

you were falling into something

that you couldn't talk your way out of and

i wasn't sorry

i'm not sorry

because when you pushed me down

it was from a pedestal built on your

own lies and this hate for yourself

that you will never speak but i

know you in ways that should

widen your brown eyes to the fact that i

didn't deserve what came from your lips

and your cunt but i always loved you

since i was 15 years old and you

held me under covers and i

always forgave and i

wanted to believe when you stared

me in the face and said 'Lauren,

this is the truth take it or leave me'

i couldn't leave because i

always thought you were

the most beautiful thing i had

ever touched and i

always trusted you, then again

we all make mistakes

i guess i just

always let you blind me

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