The Travlers Heed (Opening), and King Terro Baal: The Ninja's

by Rion Bloodletter

Be cautious following the path of the damned fellow travelers, this book tells the tales of the dead and those damned throughout time, plagued by the demonrizing. Their mark is a symbol of dominance and power, and their influence spans the universe and beyond. Everyone and anything under its power has a purpose in the grand sch eme of the demonrizing.

Some are given great gifts, others unfathomable abilities, but all are meant to suffer and fuel the spreading chaos.... But with rising power comes great opposition. They are hunted by the demonrizing and all who have accepted them. they have survived the destroyer, as well as the complete Annihilation of their cities, friends, families and everyone and anything they ever knew. The lives they once had ripped apart in the cold, merciless hands of the demonrizing themselves. Two demons, a fallen angel and her scared, mutilated brother... They have survived the worst of the plague and have sworn to take the beast down in only the most violent ways imaginable, and at all costs... They call themselves the scatterbloods... A god has been slain and now the fray for all existence has been set in motion. The demonrizing's shadow is cast long and wide, fading even the brightest of lights....

This is but a taste of their influence.


king terro baal:the ninja


Their entry was swift, silent and unseen. You could expect no less from true ninja... They dropped from the roof in a v-pattern, dressed head to toe in black cloth suits, scarves and hoods hid all but their eyes and gender, each one of the six ninja carried large bags strapped tightly to their backs. Their sudden appearance startled the two guards standing 'guard' outside the kings chambers (the two had been discussing the recent events at the coliseum before the ninjas sudden arrival)

"we are ninja of the southern winds clan. Your lord Terro has summoned an audience with us to discuss matters of trade" said the man standing at the tip of the 'V', in a stern bold voice, with his arms folded across his chest. For a moment the guards just stood there, jaw dropped and flabbergasted at their sudden, startling presence.

"i-how-he-you" the guard on the right side of the door said, struggling to string together a coherent sentence, stumbling on his own thoughts.

"(ahem) His majesty, king Terro is in an important meetin' right now, and has not informed us-" he was cut off by an abrupt thud. Then started making a loud choking/gargling sound as he grabbed at his throat, clenching it like he was trying to choke himself to death

"bloody hell" the other guard whispered as he watched his fellow guardsmen drop to his knees and his arms suddenly went limp. As his body bounced, his head slipped from his shoulders and landed on the floor with a meaty splat, his severed neck spewing blood onto the cold stone of the castle with every decreasing heart beat as it hit the ground shortly after.

"w-w-what the hell did you do to him?!?!?!" the other guard shrieked pointing his pike at the ninjas who hadn't so much as moved, in the wall beside the chamber doors was a jet black butchers knife embedded deep into the stone where his fellow guardsmen only moments ago stood.

"we are ninja of the southern winds clan... your lord Terro has summoned an audience with us to discuss matters of trade." he said once again, staring at the guard with an unsettling intensity, calm mind you. But with a look that made the guard momentarily contemplate suicide.

staring into the ninja's eyes he started to hyperventilate, each short, sharp breath brought pain into his lungs, like he was breathing fire. His vision began to blur and he felt something warm running down his chest.

"useless" the ninja said now staring down at him, the guard didn't even realize he had fallen. He lay on the floor looking up at the ominous black figures looming over him...His vision faded, blackening the world around him, and all he felt was a burning pain in his lungs and a warm liquid running over his cooling skin, he struggled to feel the holes in his chest. circling them with his cold numb fingers. His last dying thoughts were of the blood running down his chest and how good it felt against his cold skin... as if on cue the doors to the kings chambers opened up, releasing a pungent oder of decay and incense.

"OH MY!!"(aqua) said a quirky man dressed entirely in a crimson red attire much like the ninja, only more mage like. His big rimmed had had a phoenix's feather stuffed in the band around the brim, it covered his silver hair that fell to his shoulders, and he held a sequoia staff with gems wrapped in the wood at its very tip. he looked down at the two dead guards still spurting blood from their wounds, He kicked the decapitated head out of his way with a chuckle

"looks like HE could have used a better head on his shoulders!" His sudden burst of laughter was cut short by the echo of his own voice bouncing off the castle walls, stone cold eyes stared at him unamused

"that was funny. i don't car who you are."

"we are ninja of the southern winds clan. Lord Terro has summoned an audience with us regarding a matter of trade" said the man standing at the head of the "V" , still calm but frighteningly intense

"OH!!! by all means! I am sure he is anxiously awaiting your arrival brave ninja. i know you have travelled far to get here, so i will not insult you by further wasting your time." respectfully the mage bowed to them allowing them to pass with a gesture.

"i honour your respect for our culture..."

"I am known by many names, you may call me a traveler of sorts

"You have been of no inconvenience to our schedule traveler. I let you leave in good grace. May your travels be safe and savoury"

"Ahh but what would be the fun in that? A man of your calibre knows the best travels are the dangerous and unknown" he said with a smile as he let them all pass, looking into their eyes with a pleasant nod. As the last ninja passed the mages head perked up and he said something that stopped her dead in her tracks.

"Samma??" he said locking his crimson eyes to hers, wide eyed and pale blue. he had a look of be wilderment stricken across his youthful face. She stopped and took off her scarf and hood without fully realizing it. Her long blond hair fell softly past her shoulder, resting on her collar bone as she peered at him trying to remember his face.

"do i know you?"

"kind of..."

"who told you to call me that?"

"a friend of a friend... listen.... Your not after Terro's bounty are you?

"how did you-"

"blind rage can never be healed, only focused. Do you understand??"

"Umm no, not really..."

"believe me... your not ready for him yet..."


"SAM" the man's voice at the head of the "V" boomed, causing her to turn ever so slightly, when she turned back, the man in red was gone and all she could hear was the sound of his voice

"I'll be seein' you"

the doors shut quickly behind her as she quickly rejoined her group...


"Are these my assassins?" a fat, greasy voice gurgled from behind a thin silk curtain, a light danced from behind illuminating shapeless silhouette of the king. Two more guards stood silently on either side of the curtain much like the guards standing outside the chamber doors. Only these guards were dressed head to toe in a silver metal that had a dull shine to it. The pungent smell of of incense tried to cover the equally intense stench of a horribly unplaceable smell of decay that loomed in the air like a mist, it was practically suffocating

"We are ninja of-"

'YES YES! i know who you are! do you think i am a fool? I SUMMONED YOU HERE.' the slimy voice blurted out, interrupting the deadly ninja without worry. The flame illuminating the shapeless king began to dance anxiously behind him with every obnoxious word.

'Can you do it? Can you kill the boy?' he said impatiently

"we can kill anyone... for a price"

"i would expect no less from assassins of your calibre"

"we are not assassins Terro-"

" In my kingdom, you will call me KING. ninja" he spat the words like bile from his mouth "tell me, you pay an assassin to kill, but ninja kill for a price. so tell me pray tell is the difference?"

"The difference Terro. Is that we have traveled from across the worlds, infiltrated your home with MINIMAL effort, and have effectively killed EVERY one of your guards without so much as a brow raised." The king scoffed. Then his guards fell to pieces without the ninja moving the slightest bit.

"you call for the best. You PAY the best"

"(humph) name your price ninja"

"two thousand gold pieces. As well as enough metals to forge a small armies armor, Quicksilver would be ideal. Grains, Flour, same as the metal, enough to feed a small army, Four of your Finest bulls and a herd of your finest cattle. Half up front, the rest when our business is concluded"

BAAAAH your price is higher than your worth Assassin. I'll tell you what. I will give you your gold, but no grains, no-" As Terro tried to haggle their price down, the man at the head finally broke his calm composure

"THIS IS NOT A NEGOTIATION TERRO' he scorn. his voice was enough to shake the air around him "now i suggest you stop insulting my skill, rank, and merit with your filthy slander, insults and verbal intrusions, lest i cut that disgusting tongue from your mouth and choke you with your own beating heart" Terro scoffed once more, knowing the threat to be all but empty

"deal" the shadow said sullenly

"at the break of dawn i expect half of what is owed outside the city gates waiting for us.... once we have done this most GENEROUS favor for you. NEVER contact us again, under any circumstance. or i will kill you outright."

"good luck... but fair enough... will there be anything else my blade for hire?"

"yes... tell us more about this boy"

This BOY is more troublesome than you could imagine. He lives in Kamahl's forest in amongst the trees... claims to be the last surviving Dragoon"

"dragoon? now that is a name i have not heard in a long time... tell me. where do we find this dragoon?" he said stroking his masked chin in thought

"hehehehe it wont be hard, he's posted the heads of my previous assassins around the heart of the forest where he resides. staked to the ground like point markers, a mockery at my attempts at his life. Needless to say, he's winning. Which is why i don't concur with advance payments, but for you ill make an acception.. out of curiosity, why do you ask for such an.. odd... payment ninja? may i ask respectfully"

"the first respectful thing you've done since our arrival" the leader scorned "Our village is small and isolated, the things we ask are hard to come by... why pray tell do you spend to so much of your time and resources hunting a child?"

"because i will not eat. nor sleep. nor drink. nor bath until he is found... That i was promised...."

the dancing flame behind him grew and swayed in a very unnatural way casting the symbol of the beast around its light using the kings shadow, although they all saw it, at the time it was nothing more than mere flickering shadows. cold wind blew past them chilling them to the bone, yet there were no window or vents of any kind to push the gut wrenching stench past their noses.

Is there anything else we need to know about this... Boy? Terro?"

"yess" he hissed "the boy has powers, and a rage that could buckle the strongest of men... there's something about him, something in his eyes... he will not go down easily.'

"i expect no less from a true dragoon" the leader said smiling through his voice , they turned to leave, and the doors swung open as if someone had been waiting for them to leave. just outside the doors, the lead ninja turned his head towards the mockery of a king

"and Terro." he said "we've already seen our goods, don't try and cheat us with those sickly calf or lame bull, or your head will be the one i carry home." the doors such immediately after.

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