Change Your World Part 2

by LJ Nelson

Ok folks,

Enough with the jokes,

You thought I was done,

But my fire's still got smoke,

Look around you, does something seem out of place,

This world's falling apart; nobody can meet face to face,

A while back I wrote a piece, called it change your world,

Yeah you remember it, about holding the hand of that little girl,

But something went wrong somewhere, maybe you didn't hear what I was saying,

It's not about just you and me; it's about all humankind decaying.

Now when I said look around, make a difference, that means taking some action,

Not just sitting on the couch, singing, "I can't get no satisfaction",

What's going on here, people smoking crack, whoring, and drinking,

Sure, that's gonna help, what the hell are you thinking?

Take a few minutes, teach kids to play ball,

Maybe you can teach them something besides spray painting the walls.

Each one of us has to stand up in order to make a difference,

Now I've heard all the excuses, "this just isn't our business",

But I'm not afraid; I'll be the first to step up,

Now everyone get behind me, get those hands up,

Whether we like it or not, this is our problem too,

Not one person can change it alone, not me, not you.

But together we can do it; we can make a change,

Oh what I wouldn't give to see people's evil hearts change,

What this world could be like if there were no such thing as rage,

I swear sometimes I feel like an animal trapped in a cage.

Give this a chance, we can do it, let's change our world,

Start in one little corner, let the beauty unfurl,

You start in your corner; I'll start in mine,

We can change this world; we just need a little time

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