by Starchild


Stepping into this new plane, I am

spellbound by the beauty that awaits me.

I see before me a beautiful sight,

trees, mountains, a river cascading

never before have I experienced these things.

I come from one of the many mansions

in the cosmos. I am reaching out to

the fartherst edges of the universe, bringing

forth infinite love, embracing every species of creation.

You see me as supreme, immaculate,

graceful and you are captivated by my

existence here, but only because I come

from the heavens above. I am a mystical

being in your imagination.

You are enthralled and enchanted by me,

but my enigmatic presence here is to

help you find your way into other realms

where you can experience all the harmony,

rapture, purity that they have to offer you.

I have a great connection to you as we are

all intertwined amongst the stars. You must not fear

me, believe in me, believe in yourself, I am

only here to guide you and offer my assistance

as you follow your life path.

I must return home now, but i leave

you with the fountain of knowledge which

is inside each and everyone of you. All you have

to do is to tap into it and the transformation will begin.

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