The Endless Sea of Being

by Duane Heppner

As I was looking out at The Open Sea of Being,

And sitting on the golden sand and knowing what I was seeing.

Then as if from the light above and the light inside,

I became the sea and the light of the tide.

On and on, as the sea would move in and the sea would move out,

I soon realized that I was not only here,

but that I was really all about.

And now, everywhere I was there was nothing but light,

it was all there was and it totally filled my sight.

As I was being with the sky above and the sea below,

a whisper of wind came through myself and told me all I would ever need to know.

And now, I have traveled from so long ago to this present day,

through the unknowingness of endless days and nights, and to finally know that I have freed my way.

Duane Heppner 4/05

May 2005, Book One, "The Return of The Real"

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