A Typical Morning

by Mandy Gray


'Morning boys it's time to get up'

I hear their groans, as I fill their cups

'Your drinks are ready so come on down'

Christopher appears in his dressing gown

'Okay, where's your brother?' Is what I said

'He's under the covers, asleep in his bed'

I ran upstairs to wake up Jack

He was feigning sleep, and lying on his back

'Come on Jack don't be a fake

You'll be late for school, for heavens sake'

He opens his eyes and gives me a smile

I knew this was going to take a while

Back down stairs I roll my eyes

Because what came was no surprise

Christopher's laid out and clutching his tummy

Please believe me it's really not funny

Once a week he takes this turn

Mostly on a Monday, I've come to learn

'Come on Christopher, I'm no fool

Get up off there, get ready for school'

Jack walks in, his eyes all bleary

By then I'm agitated and somewhat weary

Silently, I count to ten really steady

And miracle of miracles they start to get ready

Dishes are washed and put away

I organise bags they need for the day

I give them the things they need to take

While Christopher hangs on to his phantom ache

Getting in the car has got to be the worst

As they always argue who will climb in first

Schooling is brilliant; it's my belief

As I take them inside and sigh with relief ..Mandy Gray

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